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At times we all need a little bit of help when it comes to our writing, especially on an Academic level. While there are plenty of sites out there that provide you with professional writing services, not all of them create equally. Thus, in the following review, we’ll be taking a closer look at and how they muster up against the  competition.

Criteria #1: Range of Topics to Choose  from

At first glance, you’ll notice that this site has plenty of subjects to choose from, whether you’re in need of science-oriented papers of humanities studies. Additionally, this website isn’t limited to academic writing either. They also provide web-based writing services such as landing pages, blog development and so  forth.

Focusing particularly on their educational services, they have a healthy range of topics to choose from it. Depending on your current level of academia and the time frame you require to complete the orders, the price will vary. We’ll get into more about pricing in a bit. However, compared to other similar sites, does provide you with a broad range of topics to choose from which is a plus for people who require diversity within their  writing.

Criteria #2: Pricing, Discounts & Payment  Policies

When it comes to pricing, does provide a very flexible table of options to choose from as well as discounts for continuous use. It separates them from the other companies I have reviewed. The starting price per page is $10, however, depending on time frame and academic level, the price can  change.

Nonetheless, I have seen other similar sites start their pricing at the $17 market, meaning that it is substantially cheaper than many of the other competitive sites out there. Regarding discounts, they provide a neat program where you get a discount on the totality of your purchase depending on how much you  spend.

For example, if you paid more than $500 USD, you’ll get a 5% lifetime discount on all your following work. Once you reach the $1000 marker, your lifetime discount increases to 10% and once more at $1500 USD where the increase goes to  15%.

For people who need consistent writing services, this is a plus. Secondly, if you’re not satisfied with the final product, the site does provide a “money back guarantee” which makes it a safe investment if you’re still on the fence about writing  services.

Criteria #3: Quality of Content  Provided

Quality is also an important element within any writing service. The total average of client satisfaction is in the 8.4 out of 10. Meaning that more than 80% of the people who utilize this service find the quality of the work provided up to  par. only hire qualified writers that have vetted. They need to ensure that the quality is up to standards because they have the money back guarantee policy. It means that you will get competent writers who are knowledgeable in their respective areas. Additionally, the writers know how to work under pressure meaning that your deadlines will be met depending on the plan that you opted in for it. With over 500 writers on staff, you can rest assured that your work will be in the best of  hands.

Criteria #4: Customer  Support

Let’s say that for some reason you have an issue with the paper and need to reach out to the customer support of the website. provides you with a wide variety of methods to get in touch with them including a web-based contact form, telephone numbers as well as a chat  feature.

I have seen several other sites that make “reaching out” a difficult process however when it comes to it seems that they are customer oriented, meaning that you’ll get an answer and follow up to your queries. The chat option is only available from Monday to Saturday, and their email is always active. You might have to wait up to 24 hours to get a response, however, in most cases, the response is a lot  quicker.

A company that makes it easy for you to reach out increases its value, and as far as I can see, does not make it difficult at all. It is why they get a gold star for customer support, something that should make your decision a lot simpler. You can always reach out to them before making a commitment to vet them  yourself.

Criteria #5: What Customers  Say

Overall, the customer feedback is quite positive. I reviewed the customer feedback section and found that virtually all of the reviews were five stars. Most of the reviews focus on speed of delivery (which was excellent) and the quality of the content (again, which was  good).

Thus, based on the feedback provided by former users, we can conclude that the site is legitimate and provides excellent service to  customers.

Bottom  Line:

Looking back at all the writing sites I have reviewed in the past; it seems to me that essay writing service is a good option for anyone who requires both speedy deliveries and a high level of quality within the finished  product.

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