Cyber Warfare – A Technological Trillion Dollar Shot in the Arm

By  Bill Glynn, Special for  USDR

Big business is at war with a new cyber army. It has deployed its troops into the new world, a new frontier and even nation states have joined in with massive efforts to hobble global commerce, specifically in the west. Sony, Target and even the defense department among many others are under siege. It has only just begun. North Korea, China, Russia, Iran and now even ISIS. The fact is there are land laws, maritime laws, air and space laws but the new frontier, Cyber, is yet to be governed by similar standards and government rules of engagement around the world.
The US has extremely robust capabilities both offensive and defensive but critical infrastructure, power grids, nuclear, transportation and a multi-trillion dollar electronic business from online business to banks and Wall Street are woefully under prepared. 911, as terrible as that was, may pale in comparison to the global economic disruption that is coming to our shores, and anywhere and everywhere on the planet. Europe and others are even less prepared.

What does this mean? Inevitability. A Trillion dollars plus will be flooding into defense industry companies and global cyber security businesses. This is our real Y2k and a technology shot in the arm that will felt for a decade or more. Watch these stocks. Although we are in a huge bubble in the market, there is no reason for the stock market should be where it is, these stocks will be very popular and resilient. Microsoft, Cisco, ICM, Dell, SAIC, CACI, Lockheed, Raytheon – watch them all. These among many others are poised to dip there bucket into the deluge of money that will flow.

However, we are so tightly woven, geo-politically, socially, electronically and economically that any part of the web is shaken, including the electronic Web, will cause utter economic disaster. Global economic security is so fragile right now, exasperated by American leadership leaving the world stage, that there is sure to be a successful disruption in 2015 and not just one company but many around the world. If they can hack even the best of the US companies assume it will be far easier to hack companies not residing here. And speaking of cyber terrorism think about the lack of protection surrounding the terminal points that connect us undersea, on land and through countries. Our enemy is highly sophisticated now and are using their money to recruit the best and brightest. But what if a car bomb hit one of the facilities where the wires originate and terminate. Global economic chaos and trillions of dollars of commerce come to a screeching halt.

In fact fragile is not the right word. Totally exposed is better. The capabilities of our enemies are increasing, terrorist on PCs and kids around the world, hundreds of thousands are looking for holes in every and any system out there. This is war and business is now at war with a highly sophisticated and very intelligent army. This has just begun and with 100 percent certainty it is not going to stop now, anytime soon and mostly likely never.

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