Death of the Left

By Keith D. Rodebush, Contributor to US Daily Review.

When discussing the upcoming election of 2008 with a close friend, we broached the subject of whether the conservatives would come out to vote for John McCain. As a moderate Republican who had a history of attempting to endear himself to the left wing media, McCain is despised by many conservatives for his ever-discouraging leaps ‘across the aisle’. McCain is a national hero for his service to country. I don’t doubt that he is a wonderful man and faithful husband and father. But he became enamored with the politics of Washington D.C. and saw himself as an elderly statesman, defined by him as one who is willing to compromise to ‘get things done’. He seldom paid much attention to exactly what they were doing, however, much to the dismay of constitutional republicans. I digress. Our discussion centered on whether one should always vote for the lesser of two evils to prevent exposing us to the greater evil. At the time I argued that perhaps a little pain was necessary for the American people to wake up and smell the coffee. My friend, who had studied Barack Hussein Obama, was mortified. Much of the discussion from then on centered on the premise that I just didn’t understand how bad this guy would be in the White House. In a very odd sort of way, history has shown us both to be right. President Obama has been a disaster for the country and much of the world. However, he also gave rise to the T.E.A. party, record constitutional study by average citizens, filling Ted Kennedy’s senate seat with a Republican, a historical 2010 election defeat for Democrats and an opportunity on two different fronts (Affordable Care Act & Arizona SB-1070) in the Supreme Court to re-establish personal Liberty and States’ rights. While we came close to utter disaster for our constitutional republic, the People are seeing the fault and chaos of the Marxist philosophy of income re-distribution and an all-powerful government lording over our every move.

As the election of 2012 approaches, one cannot help but note the sheer desperation with which the Obama administration flails about trying to find a lasting theme behind their re-election campaign. Having completely horrified the majority of the country (I believe the polls are way off), Obama has taken to simply trying to shore up his radical left-wing base. At this point they are simply trying to prevent a monumental, perhaps historical defeat in November. The ‘Occupy’ movement which was meant to solidify the class warfare meme of the Marxist youth of America, freshly indoctrinated in our sub-standard public colleges, was instead an epic failure. Serving only to remove the mask of ‘fairness’ and ‘equity’ to reveal the insidious selfishness and entitlement mentality of a group of mostly privileged, mal-educated young adults; the ‘Occupy’ movement has been a colossal failure.

Even as the propagandist media, who invested too much blatant support for Marxists to allow them to fail, attempts to prop up this disaster; the failure is evident to even the most casual viewer. The Obama teams attempt at diversion with the likes of contraception rights and the pitiful #Julia debacle are hilarious if also pathetic. The Left had everything. They had both Houses of Congress, they had the White House and they had a divided Supreme Court known for 5-4 decisions that can go either way. The one thing the Left doesn’t have, which they will never have, is the innate exalting and comforting impetus of Liberty. Marxists can only rule people, they can never lead them very far for their core convictions are lies. The only reason communism was allowed in Russia and China is because the people were already being ruled by tyrants. They simply traded one for another. Even Europe has an extensive history of monarchy, easing their transition to the Left in the last century, as they leaned on the U.S. armed forces to secure their physical freedom while they give away their Liberty.

America is different. America is founded on individual freedom and less government intervention into our lives. Sure we have faltered of late and swooned to the sirens song of comfort over Liberty. Barrack Hussein Obama has awakened the American spirit however. The American people are not going to be ruled by tyrants. Not now; not ever. Even the slovenly Europeans who have given their freedom over for the false promises of Utopia are waking up to the reality that stealing from one to give to an unproductive other is mindless and leads to disastrous financial failure and chaos. As some in Europe lean back to free markets and individual freedoms, others will cling to the hope of charity. This will inevitably split the European Union. The result will be deadly for those who embrace the Leftist, and prosperous for those who embrace Freedom.

History is much too fickle a maiden to attempt to predict a future time with certainty. However, it appears to me that we are experiencing a very important time in the cycle of Man. We are seeing a moment when a loving and caring people are nevertheless realizing that simply giving people things does not improve their station in life but instead condemns them to a life of begging. Indeed over time their entitlement nature becomes rage as the resources become scarce and the producers can no longer support the non-producers. The lesson learned by William Bradford and the Pilgrims was temporarily forgotten but has arisen anew. The prosperous and virtuous nature of freedom coupled with free market capitalism has again been vindicated. We are living in a time that many in the future will look back upon and see as the Death of the Left. What a wonderful time to be alive! Yes, Virginia, it’s cool to hate the Commies again!

Keith D. Rodebush is a Christian businessman, a writer and an armchair scholar. He has a Bachelor of Science in Architecture from the University of Arkansas. Keith is currently working on a novel and periodically writes at his blog “Ignarus Semino Dominatus”.

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