Deceptive/Unfair Ticket Pricing Now No. 1 Airline Passenger Complaint

By: Jeremy Morris, Associate Editor, USDR, the largest U.S. airline passenger organization, surveyed its 30,000+ members in late July and asked them to pick their three most important air travel issues.  The top three are:

  • Deceptive and Unfair Ticket Pricing and Advertising
  • Delays, Scheduling and Customer Service
  • Flight Safety, Security and Health Issues

Rounding out the top ten in rank order were- Tarmac Delays and Strandings, TSA Complaints, Shrinking Leg Room & Seat Size, Airline Mergers & Competition, Compensation for Excessive Flight Delays, Bumping or Oversales, and Airport Related Issues.

“For the first time, airline passengers now place deceptive and unfair ticket pricing and advertising as their top priority,” said Paul Hudson, president, “with delays and customer service complaints being a close second.”

Continued Hudson, “In the next 10 days the CEO of each major airline will receive specific requests for needed changes, hopefully making filing formal complaints or engaging in lengthy rulemaking, legislative efforts or litigation less necessary.  We will report their responses in September.”

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