Democrats Think Twice About Medicare Cuts

By Dr. Larry Kawa, Special for USDR

You can tell that election season is near. I can hear the sounds of backpedaling and political double-talking at every corner. Everyone knows that the Democrats approved huge cuts to Medicare and its various programs in the name of its sacred cow, Obamacare.

Yet at every turn Democrats have been trying to either distance themselves or undo the damage that they’ve done to seniors through their cuts on Medicare. One of the major cut that they are now trying to undo, prior to the election, are the cuts to Medicare Advantage, a privatized Medicare program, that is very popular amongst seniors.
Democrats have a major liability on this issue as evidenced by Alex Sink’s crucial loss in the Florida House special election. The US Chamber of Commerce ran attack ads criticizing Alex Sink for her support of cuts to Medicare Advantage and her rubber stamping of Nancy Pelosi’s agenda.
Led by a pack of blue dog democrats, the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services announced that instead of a 2% cut to Medicare Advantage, they would boost payments by 0.4 percent.

While keeping this successful program amongst seniors sounds like a good idea, you have to remember that everything comes at a price.
Obamacare was financed in large part by draconian cuts to Medicare. However, as Democrats slowly restore funding to Medicare, they are not making the appropriate cuts to Obamacare to make sure that our budget is balanced.
That’s the fundamental flaw. We are not thinking about how are we going to pay for Obamacare. We are not thinking about how we are going to pay for Medicare because we robbed Medicare to pay for Obamacare.

Financially, these medical programs are built upon a house of cards where each one is supposed to be paying for the other, when in actually we’ll end up going into debt and borrowing trillions for both.
The American people are smart enough to know that something is going on. When Obamacare only had 5 million enrollees, the administration panicked and all of a sudden Obamacare added between 2-4 million new enrollees in just 5 days (some reports have Obamacare enrollees as high as 9 million).
At the very least, those happenings are suspect, which is how we can classify this entire law.


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