Detecting Intended Emotion in Text

By Adoreboard, Special for  USDR

Adoreboard, the market leader in the provision of software tools to help those who create or analyse text to understand the tone and emotion expressed within that text has today released a completely new solution – Toneapi – designed to help with the rapid improvement of  content.

Toneapi is a revolutionary tool that helps the user to write better by optimising the content for emotion. During the private beta phase of the product introduction over 1,000 world-wide professional organisations and individuals signed up to gain experience of the solution in action. The software is aimed at those who create, manage or analyse text such as Content Marketers, Bloggers, Data Analysts, Brand Managers, Educators, Market Researchers, Digital Executives, Sales Executives, and PR  Executives.

Toneapi has been adopted by many of the global agencies including Havas. Mark Thomson Head of Data at Havas Helia said: “Emotions play an increasingly important role in understanding customer preferences enabling brands to create content, which aligns more closely with these. The outcome of which is to create messaging which is more accurate or leads to high impact communication that people respond to in a more empathic  way.”

Conran Design Group who are also part of Havas, have applied the technology to major clients including Cancer Research  UK.

Data scientists at Adoreboard have devised mathematical algorithms, which enable Toneapi to identify over 20 emotions expressed in content. So feelings such as love, hate, anger, surprise, annoyance and trust can be identified and compared within content. The technology also includes an emotional thesaurus or Content Optimiser which provides users with recommendations on how the content can be optimised for different types of emotion. The technology is simple to use and cloud-based. It can deliver substantial value extremely quickly and did so repeatedly during the pre-launch trial phase for a broad range of  organisations.

Chris Johnston, CEO of Adoreboard said Toneapi has already proven its ability to drive value and improved results to a very wide range of users and organisations.  We are delighted to see it formally launched today.  Its speed and ease of use – for all user types – is a critical differentiator.  We look forward to accelerating its adoption for everyone involved in improving or understanding all forms of  content.

Toneapi is available with immediate effect and is accessible at to implement a free, 14 day trial .  In addition, due to high demand, an initial ‘first in a series’ Webinar is scheduled for Wednesday, 2nd March 2016 7:00 PM GMT / 2:00 PM EST where industry experts including the former editor of Press Association and Conran Design will be sharing their findings from the operational use of toneapi.  Full information available at
SOURCE  Adoreboard

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