Did Perry take a Beating in the Tea Party-CNN Debate?

Editor’s Note: It is clear who the GOP candidates for President believe is the front runner when you see yesterday’s CNN-Tea Party debate.  They went, in full force, against Texas Governor Rick Perry.  It was clear, he now stands between Obama and other the other Republicans in the race for the White House.  In the following article from Fox News*, it describes Perry as “roughed up” but certainly not out.  US Daily Review would love your comments on how the debate went:

It started as a debate of many, but the focus (and attack) quickly turned to Perry.

In the hours before the Republican debate in Tampa Monday night, political insiders asked just two questions. Would Rick Perry knock out Mitt Romney? Or would Mitt Romney knock out Rick Perry? 

As it turned out, the question they should have asked was, “What if Romney and Rick Santorum and Michele Bachmann and Ron Paul and Newt Gingrich got together to gang up on Perry?” 

That’s exactly what happened onstage at the Florida Fairgrounds, with the candidates hitting Perry hard on Social Security, his jobs record in Texas, his decision to mandate a vaccination for young girls, and immigration. When it was over, Perry had not been knocked out, but he was definitely wobbly on his feet.

Perry’s first and most predictable fight of the night was with Romney over the issue of Social Security, centering on Perry’s now-famous description of the program as a “Ponzi scheme.” There were no winners. 

Romney’s defense of Social Security reminds some conservative Republicans of Democratic rhetoric, which they find off-putting. But Perry quite pointedly backed down from the most incendiary charges he has made about Social Security. He uttered the words “Ponzi scheme,” but only to say that others have called Social Security that in the past. He did not call Social Security a failure, nor did he take Romney’s bait and defend his declaration that it is unconstitutional. “A program that’s been there 70 or 80 years, obviously we’re not going to take that program away,” Perry said — a statement that sounded positively Romneyesque.

The next clash began as Romney against Perry but soon… (read more)
* Originally appearing in the Washington Examiner.

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