Different Moving Apps To Use During A Relocation

It’s no doubt that moving can be a daunting and stressful task. But, this process doesn’t need to be that challenging with the help of some modern innovations. Just like other aspects of life, technology can help you make your relocation experience a seamless one. Thanks to a variety of applications on your smartphones and tablets as they’ve become one of the useful technologies you can use during a move. 

So, if you’re moving anytime soon, below are the different relocation apps you can maximize from the get-go:

1. Move Advisor 

This is a great moving organization app that comes with intuitive navigation features, elegant design, and unmatched functionality. The primary goal of this software is to help you stay organized throughout the move. It can be used for planning a moving timeline and creating a home inventory. By using the app’s relocation timeline, you can monitor your progress when completing the tasks. Also, with a home inventory in place, you can easily keep track of all your possessions from start to finish. 

Moreover, Move Advisor is also a popular app for finding the right movers for your relocation. For example, if you’re moving from or to Manhattan, you can make use of the app to search for the best moving company Manhattan that can help you. The software comes with some features that allow you to read reviews about the moving companies and obtain estimates for comparison. 

2. LetGo

Getting rid of unnecessary items is always part of moving since it allows you to free up some spaces in your new house. However, decluttering your old house isn’t just about creating space. It’s also about earning some extra cash by selling all your excess stuff online.

Fortunately, the LetGo app is there to help you. It’s a free digital platform for selling and buying in your community. By using it, you’ll have access to several potential homebuyers who are looking for some items that you have. To properly use the app, just post photos of your belongings, add a description and a price, and you’re ready to get in touch with interested buyers. Indeed, using this moving software can make selling totally effortless, even you are moving from New-York with the best movers nyc.

3. Sortly

Another popular moving app to use is Sortly. Given its remarkable features, it’s designed to make the process less chaotic, especially in terms of packing and moving. Thus, if you want to pack all your stuff without a hitch, using this app can be an excellent idea. It can help you group items by room and keep track of them using an inventory. Apart from tracking, Sortly also allows you to create labels that can be scanned with it. Instead of manually labeling the boxes which is time-consuming, you can rely on the app for organization purposes.

4. Magic plan

Moving all your items can be hard if you don’t know where to put them in the first place. Thankfully, using the Magicplan app can solve this problem for you. This moving software comes with an augmented reality feature that allows you to create floor plans. All you need to do is walk around the spaces using your smartphone or tablet and you can come up with a realistic floor plan that can help you and the movers Manhattan NYC or wherever you may be in arranging your furniture in your new home. 

In addition to floor plans, Magicplan also allows you to take advantage of virtual tours, cost estimation for home improvements, and many more. 


Generally, moving isn’t just about packing but it’s also about making your new home livable during the big day. This means you’ll need some projects done such as painting, cleaning, patching holes, and many more. That’s why if you’re looking for professionals who can do the job for you, TaskRabbit can be of help. This app can match you with the right professionals who can get things done around your new house without causing you stress and anxiety. 


Realistically speaking, moving can be challenging but it doesn’t need to remain that way if you allow technology to make the process easier and more manageable. With the apps listed above, you can make sure everything will be accomplished in time for the relocation day. 

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