Direct-to-Consumer Brands Turn to GR0 During the iOS 14 Crisis

iOS 14 seems like an incremental update to the average iPhone user, if they notice any change at all. Yes, there are minor functional and aesthetic differences, but the way most iPhone owners use their beloved devices has largely remained the same. However, this one small UI modification threatened to change everything for those in the digital marketing universe, bringing many digital marketers back to square one. Amidst this great transformation, one tech CEO, Kevin Miller, saw a silver lining.

So, what’s the big deal with iOS 14? It all comes down to IDFA. IDFA stands for identifier for marketers, and it’s a tool used by digital marketers to track the effectiveness of their online campaigns. Using IDFA, marketers can track information about people who downloaded apps from Apple’s app store. As a result, digital marketers can create highly personalized targeted ads based on user behavior.

iOS 14, however, allows iPhone users to prevent the distribution of their IDFA. While this sounds like a win for users who value their privacy, it creates a crisis for digital marketers who heavily depend on this information to track the effectiveness of their marketing efforts.

Still, there is a big divide among those who are positively and negatively affected by this update. Miller is among the camp of digital marketers who sees this shift as an opportunity. Why? Kevin Miller is the CEO of GR0, a digital marketing agency that helps companies build their brands through organic SEO.

“When these changes were announced, there were definitely some shock waves across the industry, and it took brands a while to take stock and readjust,” Miller said regarding this significant decision from Apple. “In the next months and years, we will see big changes in the direction of organic SEO.”

Having started GR0 just before the COVID-19 pandemic, Miller is no stranger to navigating the unpredictable. Despite roadblocks presented by the pandemic landscape, GR0 became a leader in organic search in just over one year. Facing the challenges presented to advertisers by iOS 14 is just another challenge for GR0 to tackle.

In fact, Miller is supportive of the autonomy that this update gives its users.

According to Miller, “iPhone users should have the decision to opt-out of IDFA if they wish, as it appears to be an ethical decision. Does that make it harder for advertisers in the short term? Yes, but this marks a big time for organic SEO and everyone who practices it.”

Instead of being dependent on user data tracking, organic SEO creates a website that generates traffic by using backlinks to create higher rankings on Google’s search engine.

Rather than iOS users being introduced to brands or products via targeted ads, the best way for companies to gain exposure is by improving their SEO. For example, if an iPhone user is interested in purchasing a multivitamin, the chances are that they would use their phone to Google something along the lines of “healthiest multivitamin.”

The multi-vitamin with the highest SEO will show up at the top of the results page, putting it in a position that is more likely to get clicks. Over 25% of people end up clicking on the first Google result, with click-through percentages drastically dropping lower on the results page.

GR0 helps its clients achieve the number one ranking on Google search results through three main pillars: content writing, on-page optimization, and performance PR. These methods use backlinks from trusted sources, keywords, and URL optimization to help websites reach that coveted number one spot.

Because iOS 14 is still relatively new, it’s uncertain how this shift in consumer privacy will change the digital marketing landscape.

“It’s kind of like the Wild West again,” Miller said. “Brands will go back to the drawing board and rethink their SEO strategies on various search engines.”

However, GR0’s organic SEO building may be a saving grace for companies re-evaluating their brand awareness and consumer engagement approach post-iOS 14. Truth be told, prioritizing SEO is the most cost-effective form of digital marketing regardless of this iOS update.

With its winning formula, GR0 has helped countless companies grow their organic SEO and build stronger brands. Now more than ever, it’s necessary to be on the cutting edge of digital marketing innovation. Luckily for Miller and his team of writers, consultants, and SEO experts, GR0 is leading the game.

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