Disney’s Cruella de Vil Costume

Cruella De Vil is one of the most infamous villains from a Disney movie that is known. Most people have heard of the name, many can see a simple picture and immediately know who she is; but what do you really know about this Disney character? The new movie entitled Cruella will give a great look at who she really was before she became Cruella De Vil as we know her now. One thing we do know is that she always desired to become a fashion designer, which shows she has a strong interest in fashion and costumes! That’s one thing strongly pointed out and that has become a favorite for many through the years; Cruella costumes!

Disney villain costumes have become one of the most popular costumes that you can find and that are loved by many. A Cruella costume would be great, and the upcoming movie gives a look to many fashions that will be able to become a part of the Disney villain costume arsenal. As we have seen, Cruella De Vil wears things that are bold and can make a statement, and it will be no different in the upcoming film.

Having a Cruella costume is something many already desire, and it is for good reason. Just by looking at the villain we know her costumes consists of bold fashion that will get you noticed; there is nothing most want greater when wearing a costume, and that is to get noticed. As we have previously seen, this Disney villain costume is something that will show your figure, but will often consist of a great, bold animal print that calls out to you immediately. Something else that is seen is the color range. Often in black in white which coordinates with her hair, Cruella is often seen in red and other colors that will get your attention. Fire flames, a fire breathing dragon and often these costumes give the appearance that she is wearing the animal itself.

Cruella costumes are a great choice when looking at something to take on for Halloween. Many think of one general look when it comes to Cruella De Vil, but there are some great options when you ae creating your Cruella costume. Cruella costumes generally consists of a form fitting dress and a Dalmatian fur coat; when it comes to accessories a cigarette holder, purse, along with big and bold costume jewelry will give you the look you’re going for with Cruella costumes.

Now that there will be a new movie focused on Cruella, the Disney villain costume can change dramatically, but will still immediately give off Cruella vibes upon first view. From what we see, red is a big color for Cruella and that is no different now; a nice form fitting red evening dress that is stylish and shows your figure will be a great first step to creating this Cruella costume. Add in a black feather mask and the iconic half black and white hair and you are there! Another look is the black leather pants and jacket suit that will grab attention with a bold red lip will do the trick! As always, the half black half white hair is going to give the daring look you’re going for whenever you think of a Cruella costume.

Knowing Cruella De Vil is obsessed with fashion, it’s easy for us to know that the costumes we will see in the movie will be magnificent. As with all Disney villain costumes, there is something that will always help you stand out. With Cruella De Vil, her hair is one of those things, but the other would be a fur coat. If you don’t have one, a faux fur will do the trick and help you complete the look you’re going for!

We don’t know just yet what all the looks will be like from the new Cruella movie, but we do know if it’s anything like Harley Quinn you will be ready for any occasion, you’re looking to wear a costume to! Disney villain costumes are known to be a look that will immediately let you know who that is, and you will also see them stand out in a crowd. This is what you want to accomplish with your Cruella costumes!

We couldn’t talk about Cruella without mentioning something about her fascination with fur, ever since the original Disney film 101 Dalmatians cast De Vil in her infamous obsession for Dalmatians. While the movie has yet to hit the big screens, we’re crossing our fingers that real life Dalmatians will not get caught in the commercial cross-hairs or in any way harmed by this movie release. We’d be pretty willing to bet that whatever the cost, they’ll be using faux fur for this movie production.

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