DNC Defends ObamaCare: 'You Have To Take Your Medicine'


MRCTV’s Dan Joseph is back with more footage from his incursion into the DNC Winter Meeting.  Joseph asked DNC committee members – and guests of the conference – if Democrats should run away from Obamacare in preparation for the upcoming 2014 elections.

To no one’s surprise, the DNC members – and guests – said no.  In fact, they claim Americans will be getting better health care plans because of Obamacare, which is why its approval numbers are so high, or something like that.

Some claim that only 10,000 people lost their health care plans.  That’s odd.  The ultra-conservative CBS News reported in October that over 2 million people had already received notifications their health insurance plans were going away.

Some at the DNC event compare Obamacare to medicine, “You have to take your medicine at some point.”

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