Do I Have to Report My Car Accident

There are different levels of car accidents. Some accidents are more severe than others. Car accidents can range from a fender bender to an accident that involves fatalities. After an accident, you may not know how to legally deal with the accident. A common question is, do I have to report my car accident? Keep reading to find out. 

Reporting a Car Accident

In most cases, you should contact the police after a car accident. The police can file a report on the accident. Having law enforcement on the scene can serve as a mediator for the exchange of contact and insurance information. 

An official report with all parties involved can be done by a police officer. Although there may be no damage or visible injuries, you should still file a report. Damages and injuries may resurface at a later time. In this case, a report of the accident is crucial evidence. 

Am I Legally Required to Report a Vehicle Accident?

This depends on the state in which the accident occurred. There are different laws and policies for each state. In most states, if the accident results in any type of injury or damage to property or yourself, you are legally required to report the accident. 

It is recommended to report the accident while still on the scene. If you endured an injury or think you may be injured, it is also important to seek medical attention. If you are in New York, in addition to seeking medical help, consider contacting a Brooklyn car accident lawyer to review your case. An expert can often provide information that you are unaware of concerning your car accident. 

How Many Days Do I Have to Report an Accident?

In New York, you have ten days to file a report on a car accident. The New York State Vehicle and Traffic Law requires that you file an accident report if there is any damage or injury after an accident. If the damage exceeds $1,000, an accident report is required. If the report is not filed within ten days, legal ramifications may occur. 

Time is of the essence when reporting a car accident. If you wait too long and experience any type of injury, you may forfeit your legal right to be compensated for the injury. The best way to avoid this is by reporting the accident on the scene. 

The Best Way to File a Report

There are several ways to report an accident. The easiest and most efficient way is to report the accident on the scene by calling the police. When you report the accident on the scène, a police officer will handle all required reporting obligations. 

Another reporting option is to visit the local police station. You are able to file a report at the police station. Additionally, you can mail in a report or call in a report over the phone. Depending on your area, there may also be online reporting options. 

It’s Legally Required

Yes, you have a legal responsibility to report a car accident if anyone is injured or any type of damage occurs. New York state law states that if anyone involved is injured or the damage exceeds $1,000, you are legally required to report the accident. 

Contact a lawyer if you are unsure of your legal rights when it comes to a car accident. An attorney can better advise you on how to handle a car accident, injuries, and damages. 

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