DoD Secretary Blasts Media: ‘Needlessly Shrill,’ ‘Inappropriately High’ Expectations


Video-During Tuesday’s DoD briefing, Pentagon Press Secretary John Kirby expressed his frustration with the American media regarding its recent coverage of U.S. military airstrikes on Iraq and Syria: “Even as we share this sense of urgency toward this group, we must also share a sense of strategic patience about this entire effort, and I think some of that has been lacking…”
 “I’m just simply saying that some of the coverage, I think, has been needlessly shrill and the expectations have been inappropriately high on what can be accomplished just through military power alone.”
 “There’s also this expectation of omnipotence for the United States military, and omniscience quite frankly… This is a complicated, difficult, cultural, religious, geographic struggle that we’re facing here in Iraq and Syria, and it’s not going to be solved over night, and it’s not going to be solved through bombs, and it’s not going to be solved through anything other than a lot of hard work, and time, and effort, working with partners on the ground—people who actually know the culture.
“It’s not going to be that simple.”

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