Does Instagram offer any SEO value?

Find out why you should use the social platform!

Using social media platforms effectively can boost your business website’s SEO quite a bit. Among the top social media platforms today, Instagram is currently the most popular social app in the world, with more than 400 million subscribers. Business owners must take advantage of Instagram to market their products and services to expand their business. This article will tell you why you must use Instagram to SEO your business website and get more business  traffic.

Huge marketing  potential

A study by Forbes magazine had reported that Instagram has close to 90 million active users on a monthly basis. Around 50 million image posts are made every day, which go on to receive thousands of comments and likes every second. As a business owner, you must grasp this opportunity with both hands and see that more and more people learn about your  products.

Share your photos with this  market

As a business owner, you need to understand the significance which Instagram holds regarding making people become aware of your brand and then linking consumers with it. When you post eye dropping pictures on a regular basis on their feeds, more and more people will learn about your products and your upcoming promotions. You can at times even post photos and videos about your company’s social events and activities which will develop the way your company is represented in public. All this will help in promoting brand awareness and hence give you a better  business.


Search engines like Bing and Google also will monitor your Instagram profile. When you link your Instagram’s business page and your social media pages with your business websites, you will give the view to search engines that you are giving more value and significance to social platforms. This is highly desired by search engines which will like showing your company’s pages more often in search results. Thus you would have done your SEO completely free of  cost.

You need to get more Instagram followers to make your Instagram’s business page provide more business to you, one way to do this by getting more automatic Instagram likes on your  posts.


Business owners today know how stiff the competition is in the world of the Internet and social media with so many entrepreneurs vying with each other to get more customers. Search engine optimization helps to get your business website have higher ranks in organic search engine results which will place your site on the top in search results and will consequently drive more traffic to your business page. Instagram is a great way to SEO your business page, you can link your website with your Instagram business page to get more visitors to your business website, and a lot of these visitors will be your potential  customers.

Author bio: Shawn Martins is a digital marketing expert who has worked for some reputed brands and businesses over the years. He also writes blogs about innovative search engine optimization techniques. Shawn recommends you to acquire automatic Instagram likes on your Instagram posts for more organic traffic to your  webpage.

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