Does Walmart Give Away Pallets?

Walmart is known for its affordable prices. Many people consider it a one-stop shop for everything they need because it has food, clothing, electronics, and many other merchandising products. As a company which moves so many goods, they naturally seem like a good source for pallets.

A pallet is handy for moving goods because it has a flat structure which can support goods while being lifted by a machine (such as a forklift). They are commonly used in warehouses where goods are stored. On top of that, pallet crafts have become popular. A common question which people ask is this: does Walmart give away pallets?

Does Walmart give away pallets?

To answer that straight away, Walmart does not sell or give away their own pallets to the public, and instead they recycle or reuse pallets. However, Walmart does sell reclaimed crates and pallets online. So while Walmart doesn’t give them away for free, consumers can still get crates and pallets for relatively cheap. And a Walmart liquidation auction is a good way to find their reclaimed pallets for even cheaper, even if it doesn’t grant you access to the company’s normal crates and pallets.

Where can you find pallets for free?

If Walmart doesn’t give away pallets for free, then who does? As it happens, there are plenty of places to look for free pallets, whether you’re planning on using the wood for crafts and projects or for the transportation of goods and materials.

Pet stores, feed/tack stores, stationary shops, furniture stores, liquor stores, schools, and flooring stores are just some of the places you can look for free pallets, but we encourage you to call ahead to ensure your local store or shop has free pallets available. It’s also best to call ahead of time to make sure the pallets aren’t stained, warped or broken.

Other options

Can’t find pallets in your area for free or cheap? You could always make them yourself. You just need all of the necessary materials, such as a hammer, wood, nails, and a saw for cutting. Of course, you also need to decide how big you want your pallets to be, and that depends on what you plan on using them for and how much space you have.

Standard pallet sizes are 48 by 40 inches, 42 by 42 inches, or 48 by 28 inches. Here are some of the most common pallets (via Freightquote):

“Two-way pallets have forklift openings on only two ends and are also referred to as ‘unnotched’. Partial four-way entry pallets have standard forklift openings on two ends and smaller side openings on the remaining ends. Four-way entry pallets have forklift openings on all sides for full accessibility. Stringer pallets have two-way forklift openings and use stringer boards to support a unit load. Block pallets have a four-way forklift entry and use blocks of solid wood to support a load.”

If you want to make a project out of it and ensure the wood and overall pallet is stable, clean, and as good as new, then making the pallet yourself could be a great idea. This might be the best route if you’re worried about dimensions and the quality of the wood, as you’re purchasing all of the material yourself and can make the pallet as big or small as you would like. This way, it can better match the crafts you’re making if you’re going that route, as well.

While Walmart doesn’t appear to give away pallets for free, there are plenty of options to get around that. After all, there are stores and shops that do give away pallets for free, and Walmart sells reclaimed pallets.

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