Don’t Underestimate Trump

By Michelle  Seiler-Tucker

As the nation knows, Donald Trump is running for President. Many commentators on the left wing branded his bid a publicity stunt and nothing more. They are wrong. Trump is leading the polls in the Republican primary, and proved a success in early campaigning in New Hampshire. As I have said before, Trump offers a point of view refreshingly candid and honest from his opponents. While all others speak in canned phrases that have been regurgitated thousands of times by hundreds of politicians; Trump speaks his  mind.

Trump also silences his critics every step of the campaign. Opponents first said Trump would never official file his candidacy with the FEC. He did. Then, critics said Trump surely would not disclose his personal finances. He did – all 10 billion dollars worth. This leads me to another unique aspect of Trump; he is self-financing his campaign. In an era where big businesses can so easily buy politicians, Trump stands alone, held captive to no corporate donors. For these above reasons, I believe in Donald Trump. Recently, the Huffington Post made their own headlines by announcing all new Donald Trump content will be published under “Entertainment” and not  “Politics.”

For two reasons, this bothers me. One: Huffington Post claims to be a news agency – how then, can they debase themselves to such a point as to deny the incontrovertible truth that Donald Trump is a political candidate? They can claim no legitimacy if they take such a preposterous position on the political climate. Two: Huffington Post is wrong. Donald Trump is a true contender to the Oval Office. Political discussion and criticism is a foundation of this country, yet in due time, Huffington Post will realize their blunder as Trump continues his successful  campaign.

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