eBook to Help Small Businesses Manage the Looming Healthcare Situation


Thanks to ongoing legislation, pending tax penalties, and massive increases in plan premiums, this year’s health insurance Open Enrollment Period should be nothing short of historic for the nation’s 28.4 million small businesses. Many employers at these companies are facing pressure from three different  12 sources:

1) The federal mandate that sets insurance coverage minimums and imposes tax penalties for failure to meet these minimums
2) Employees who are now required by law to be covered by health insurance, and are looking to their employers for help
3) Carriers who, out of necessity, are increasing premiums at historic rates in order to shoulder the cost burden of covering a new clientele of previously uninsured  individuals

As Small Businesses use the Open Enrollment Period (OEP) to reassess the health benefits question, it is important for them to understand all of their options, in order to optimize the balance between accessibility and  affordability.

Zane Benefits has been leading the effort to level the health insurance playing field for small businesses since 2006, and recently published an eBook titled Small Business Guide to Open Enrollment 2016. This solution-focused guide helps small business owners explore the option of using a health reimbursement plan (HRP) to supplement individual health insurance for their employees—as an alternative to traditional group  insurance.

In addition to providing an arguably better alternative for small businesses already offering health benefits to their employees, the guide provides a valuable resource to the millions of small businesses who do not currently provide health benefits of any  kind.

According to Zane Benefits CEO, Rick Lindquist, “Most small businesses face a dilemma – they want to offer health benefits to recruit and retain key employees, but traditional group health insurance is out of reach. The Zane Benefits HRP levels the playing field for companies facing this  dilemma.”

Readers of the eBook will find practical help with navigating the 2016 open enrollment period and useful tips for using individual health insurance to offer healthier employee health  benefits.

The 17-page eBook is available for free download and covers the following topics:
• Key facts and deadlines for this year’s health insurance sign-up period  (OEP)

  • Four (4) advantages of modern individual health insurance
  • How to enroll in coverage and select the right health plan
  • How to use individual health insurance to offer better, more affordable health benefits
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