Embracing the Benefits of Artificial Intelligence for Your Business

Artificial Intelligence (AI) technologies represent a rising trend in how businesses are looking for ways to make their customers’ lives easier. Basically, AI is the ability of a computer program or a machine to learn, think, and act like humans. Ai is already helping to revolutionize the customer service industry by acting as middlemen between businesses and consumers. Classic examples of AI technologies are Amazon’s Alexia and Google  Home.

Online Communities

Businesses are focusing more and more on the customer experience. Online communities are an example of a business model that utilizes a social community to bring people with common interests together, engage these people with each other, and build relationships and networks of trust. Online communities are becoming thriving interactive environments in the digital world. Boat Planet brings together passionate boaters and expert service providers. Lego Ideas provides a platform for Lego enthusiasts to create their own designs, vote on their favorites, leave feedback, and submit their own ideas. Xbox Ambassadors serves as a support network for people who are devoted to the Xbox industry. Only truly devoted Xbox enthusiasts can even become Ambassadors. They provide a huge support network for both gamers and the  brand.

Online communities change the boundaries of relationships from “us-them” to “we” by creating interactive environments in the digital world and a place for like-minded people to interact. AI technologies can foster relevant engaging dialogue by sorting through huge amounts of data and delivering relevant content to visitors. AI can provide better consumer experiences by providing real-time insights, unifying data, and incorporating critical business  context.

Faster Automation

Business owners want to get things done as quickly as possible without compromising on accuracy and effectiveness, but also have to deal with the vast amount of data they collect. New intelligent automation solutions like AI powering data analytics, can quickly parse through all your collected data and turn it into usable  solutions.

How much more productive would your business be if you could offload some basic functions like claims processing, invoicing, and updating customer information? With AI technologies you can utilize faster and more efficient automation of human resource, marketing, accounting, sales, and customer service functions within your  organization.

Better Customer Service

Customers do not want to have to wait to have a question answered or a problem solved. They want immediate responses from businesses they make purchases from. AI chatbots make it easier for businesses to improve the user experience and connect with their customers in new and improved ways. It takes a lot of time and money to respond to every inquiry individually. Custom AI chatbots can interact with your customers, process payments, and answer questions saving you valuable time and  money.

Save Time

Effective and efficient customer service and marketing are vital to the success of any business. This requires companies to hire and pay people to perform all the necessary functions to increase their bottom line. Not all companies, especially smaller ones, have enough resources to hire the right amount of employees to get the job done. AI technology provides solutions to help companies automate tasks while accessing valuable insights to reach out to the right customer with the right message at the right time. Although the initial cost of some AI technologies might seem high, in the long run, they pay for themselves by increasing efficiency and profits leaving business owners more time to focus on other ways to grow their  business.

Improved Employee Experience

AI can help employees communicate and engage with their employers. If they have questions or concerns about things like benefits, company policies, or programs, chatbots can deliver the answers to them immediately at any time. They can also be helpful to those employees who are looking to move to a different position in their company by providing personal guidance, mentoring, and coaching. Don’t forget about the data collection capabilities of AI. Any time a company uses a platform, they are also collecting a lot of data. AI tools can mine that data and give feedback. If a business has many of its employees asking questions about a certain policy of the company, the data proved by AI can alert the business owner to the fact that clarification of that policy is necessary because many people don’t understand  it.

Thinking about using AI in your business might seem like an alien concept, but in reality, it is no different than when companies started using the Internet, automated processes, and 24-hour mobile access to email and business applications. Thinking back on when you did everything manually without Internet access makes you realize how new technologies have helped businesses be more effective, efficient, and  productive.

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