Ethics Group Weighs in On Assisted Suicide Law


“Democrats and Republicans, medical professionals and disability rights advocates have consistently come together to oppose this ill-conceived and misguided public policy. This latest bill version is an unrestricted physician assisted suicide hodgepodge and represents the worst of both worlds; a huge and negative shift in public policy and the way Vermont approaches people with serious illness or disability. It is Oregon-style assisted suicide 2.0,” noted Dr. Edward Mahoney , President of the Vermont Alliance for Ethical Healthcare.

“If passed, this amalgam will result in the collection of incomplete, inaccurate and insufficient data; does not safeguard patients from abuse; and makes it impossible to determine whether physician-assisted suicide is being practiced outside the framework of the law.  The diverse coalition opposing assisted suicide will continue to work against this unwise policy regardless of the legislative outcome.”

Similar efforts to legalize Oregon-style physician-assisted suicide have failed recently in the New England region, such as the rejection of Ballot Question 2 in Massachusetts in November 2012.  A Connecticut bill lacked the support to even move it out of committee in 2013, and earlier this week Maine’s Health and Human Services Committee rejected a similar bill on a vote of 10-2.

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