Ex Zambian President Apologizes to Bush for the Government’s “Attack”

By US Daily Review Staff.

For some reason, something as important as fighting breast cancer became a cause of controversy between current Zambia President Sata and former US President, George Bush.  The former president of the African country has chimed in.

Following a controversial debacle on July 4th in which the current President of Zambia Michael Sata publically attacked former U.S. President George W. Bush, the former President of Zambia Rupiah Banda has sent a letter to Bush’s offices offering an apology on behalf of the Zambian people.

“It is deeply regrettable that such statements were made on the same day as the celebration of your Independence Day, marking the universally shared hope of self-determination and freedom that inspires oppressed people of the world,” President Banda wrote in the letter to President Bush.  “No matter what political views different parties may hold, the people ofZambia are peace loving, welcoming, and focused positively on the future, not the past.  We are especially grateful for your generous contribution to women’s healthcare in our country.”

During a ceremony held at State House, President Sata castigated President Bush in front of the audience as a “colonialist” who had “stolen Africa’s resources” and had returned to pay it back.

“And you have all drifted away; you have abandoned Africa after taking all our raw commodities, our raw materials and build your cities,” President Sata said to President Bush at the press conference.  “I mean, as far as you are concerned Africa doesn’t exist. And when we have a former colonialist like you coming back to pay back what you took out of this country we are grateful.”

The letter of apology sent by former President Banda to former President Bush recognized the important work of the Pink Ribbon / Red Ribbon charity group.

According to the George W. Bush Presidential Center website, the visit by the former American head of state included the opening of the new African Center of Excellence for Women’s Cancer Control at University Teaching Hospital, the donation of a new electronic hub (e-Hub), and the announcement of aid from from Airborne Lifeline, a nonprofit organization that will provide airfreight services for medical equipment and transport medical personnel and patients.

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