Faith Based Group: “Killing Jesus” Doesn’t Get It

Bill O'Reilly's Film Denies Divinity

By Faith Driven Consumer, Special to  USDR.

Faith Driven Consumer — a  consumer advocacy organization representing 41 million Christian consumers who spend $2 trillion annually, has earned wide recognition for rating the faith compatibility of Hollywoodfilms, measuring how they will resonate with faith-driven audiences, and predicting box office performance. The group’s Faith-Friendly Film Review system serves as a key resource for consumers to evaluate entertainment  choices.

The National Geographic/Scott Free Productions television movie Killing Jesus—which examines the life of Jesus Christ from three different perspectives—rates 3 out of 5  stars.

Chris Stone, founder of Faith Driven Consumer and Certified Brand Strategist, has issued the following  statement:

“Killing Jesus failed to earn more than three stars because it largely ignores the divinity of Jesus Christ—a non-negotiable for the faith audience. This offering from Ridley Scott and National Geographic has strong production values and is entertaining, but its humanistic depiction of the Son of God—void of the divine essence of His life—lacks appeal to audiences who hold this as the pivotal and most important story in all of history and in their personal  lives.”

See Faith Driven Consumer’s review of Killing Jesus here:

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