Fascinating Book Looks at Bill Clinton’s Secret Conversations About Usama Bin Laden

By Mike Rothmiller, Special for   USDR

The Top-Secret telephone transcripts of President Bill Clinton’s conversation with the Prime Minister of Pakistan reveals his immense fear of Usama bin Laden’s planned terror attacks on the United   States.

Brief excerpt from the  conversation:

Clinton, “I wanted to tell you I am very, very worried about it and the consequences if it  occurs.”

The Prime Minister, “I will send my people tomorrow to Afghanistan to meet with them (the Taliban) and tell them this will not be in their interest and it will serve no purpose, that it will invite retaliation and a world  reaction.”

After this conversation transpired, the USS Cole and the September 11, 2001 terror attack  occurred.

This stunning new book, Secrets, Lies and Deception—and other Amazing Pieces of History, presents an astonishing collection of Top-Secret documents the author uncovered while scouring various government archives and filing scores of FOIAs and Mandatory Declassification Reviews. These shocking secrets are virtually unknown to the masses and will trigger congressional  investigations.

For the first time, these two secrets will be disclosed: the plot to assassinate the Mexican President and the US Governments conspiracy to aid and abet an indicted cocaine  trafficker.

Just a few of the secrets disclosed in this blockbuster expose’ include: President Clinton’s Top-Secret telephone conversations discussing Usama bin Laden and Iraq’s WMDs; the CIA’s Top-Secret search for Noah’s Ark; Hitler’s bizarre sexual practices; the identity of President Lincoln’s gay lover; the presidential conspiracy to dictate the outcome of the Warren Commission within hours of President Kennedy’s assassination; the multi-national assassination team that killed people in America; the Top-Secret document citing lost nuclear weapons; the Top-Secret CIA operation to steal a Soviet satellite; J. Edgar Hoover’s secret letter encouraging Dr. Martin Luther King to commit suicide; and the CIA’s  assassins.

The book incorporates more than incredible secrets. Additional chapters include: the first dispatch reporting Custer’s last stand; the true story behind the Statue of Liberty’s poem; female civil war spies; the first US intelligence report naming Adolf Hitler; General Dwight Eisenhower’s Top-Secret reports labeling GeneralGeorge S. Patton a crack pot; President Ulysses S. Grant’s belief that the war with Mexico was a conspiracy to garner more slave owning land; Mahatma Gandhi informing President Roosevelt that America has a Negro problem; President Kennedy’s drug addiction; the Nazi plans at the Battle of the Bulge; and the shocking truth behind the Vietnam  War.

“Many reading the book will conclude President Clinton could have prevented the Sept. 11th terror attack and killed bin Laden,” commented Rothmiller.  “He didn’t.  Why?”

About the  Author

Mike Rothmiller has authored several books.  His non-fiction expose’ LA Secret Police was a New York Times Bestseller.  He served in the Army National Guard and spent 10 years with the LAPD.  He served as a detective in the Organized Crime Intelligence Division and was a representative to the United States Department of Justice Organized Crime Strike Force in Los  Angeles.

By invitation of the Secretary of the Air Force, he participated in a national security forum.  He has testified in scores of criminal and civil cases and provided testimony to the Los Angeles County Grand Jury during the re-investigation of the Robert F. Kennedy  assassination.

Meticulously researched and sourced, Secrets, Lies and Deception and Other Amazing Pieces of History reveals decades of appalling and murderous government behavior beginning with George Washington and concluding with President  Clinton.

SOURCE Mike  Rothmiller

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