Feds Shell Out $438K To Study Whether Drunken Hookups Increase Chance of HIV

By MRCTV, Special for  USDR

The federal government is spending $437,739 in taxpayer dollars for psychology students at Kalamazoo College to study whether getting drunk and sleeping around will increase a person’s chances of getting HIV.

According to the grant request from the Michigan-based school, the National Institute of Health awarded the nearly half-million dollars so researchers could figure out whether drinking, using drugs and not using condoms might actually have an impact on an African American person’s chances of catching the deadly sexually-transmitted disease. From the grant itself:

“It is expected that substance use (e.g., type and amount, partner consumption) on the day of the sexual activity will increase the likelihood that intimate partner variables will predict increased episodic HIV risk.”

Researchers who requested the grant said they’re looking to study what causes “episodic HIV risk-taking,” which includes “engaging in unprotected sexual activity” and “not inquiring about or requesting partner HIV testing.”

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