Five best men’s wallets in Malaysia fit to raise a man’s style quotient


Wallets deserve your attention as much as your clothes and other accessories. A classy wallet can truly accentuate your stylish appeal. If you are not already into designer billfolds, it is time to upgrade to the best designer brands. If you are wondering about purchasing a new wallet for yourself, then let’s take a look on some of the best options available. In the below section we will discuss some of the best wallets for  men.

Louis Vuitton  canvas

Your formal dress code does not stop you from carrying a stylish wallet. Dressing for 9 to 5 leaves you a lot of best men’s wallets options and the Louis Vuitton canvas wallets fall in the category. These wallets are compact and slim but have enough space to carry cash and cards with spacious card slots and a notes compartment. These chic and classy purses can be found in several eye-popping exteriors which is one of the signatures of the  brand.

  1.    Bottega  Veneta

Bottega Veneta has a range of men’s leather wallets that are both functional and beautiful. This designer brand boasts of leather wallets that are meant to please you with their look and feel. The refined, smooth leather has a luxurious finish. The hallmark intrecciato detail in matte leather heightens its classic appeal. Ample credit card slots and roomy compartments for carrying notes make these wallets a practical  choice.

  1.    Polo Ralph  Lauren

If you are wondering what kind of wallet should I get? The Polo Ralph Lauren. Sophisticated leather wallets from Polo Ralph Lauren are created to offer maximum functionality. The straightforward and sleek bi-fold let you access currency and cards quickly. While picking up from this world class men’s wallet brand, you can select from their multiple designs. All bi-fold feature elegant finish and have been crafted impeccably to suit the modern man’s  style.

  1.    Hugo  Boss

Your choice of accessories reflects your taste and how choosy you are when it comes to select them. Hugo Boss wallets have that obvious appeal that easily distinguishes them from other brands. Available in simple shapes and designs that fit in your pocket seamlessly, Hugo Boss wallets have texture and stitching that impart a gorgeous and stylish. Carry bills, cards, coins in these bifold with an intelligent layout that allows quick  access.

  1.    Paul  Smith

If you are one of those men who love to experiment while being classy, you would want to select your next wallet from the richly sculpted leather billfolds from Paul Smith. These wallets have been designed in printed, textured, embossed, fabric lined versions for men of varying tastes.  Perfect for carrying currency and cards these wallets from the practical daily companion every man needs. Now, you can personalize the essentially male Paul Smith wallets with your initials monogrammed on  them.

We have discussed some of the exclusively open wallets above. Designs and styles that are suitable for different age groups. Add these smart and useful wallets to your ensemble of accessories  today!

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