Follow A Woman on Her Journey with Terminal Cancer

By Beyond Words, Special for  USDR

Becky Schenck was one of the fortunate few. She outlived glioblastoma multiforme beyond the disease’s median survival rate of only 14.6 months.* Schenck beat the odds, courageously fighting the stage-four, terminal brain cancer for a remarkable 10  years.

Beyond Words: Becky and Steve Schenck’s Inspiring Story of Faith, Hope and Love in the Face of Terminal Brain Cancer chronicles the Schencks’ journey and offers encouragement to anyone whose life has been affected by cancer. The book also provides numerous practical resources and indispensable insights for caregivers, from the perspective of Steve Schenck, who left his business executive role in 2007 to become his wife’s sole, full-time caregiver. Beyond Words (IBJ Publishing, August 2016; paperback; $15; ISBN: 978-1-939550-42-2) is available for purchase on Amazon. For more information about the book or to learn more about the Schencks’ experience with glioblastoma multiforme, visit

In 2006, Schenck was a vibrant, healthy woman in her fifties, living life to the fullest as an active community volunteer, busy grandmother and the wife of a prominent executive. Doctors discovered the stage-four brain cancer when she suffered a seizure, out of the blue. With a prognosis of a year to live, Schenck immediately and courageously determined to fight back at the disease. “I am not giving up. That is just me. I am a go-getter and I am not going to give up until I die,” she told Indianapolis NBC affiliate, WTHR-TV in  2014.

Schenck’s unquenchably positive attitude impressed her “Dream Team” of doctors at the University of California San Francisco(UCSF), IU Health and Community Health Network, throughout multiple surgeries, a phase-one clinical trial, radiation and chemotherapy. Even as her health deteriorated and she eventually lost her ability to communicate verbally, the Schencks reached out through the media and other platforms to share their experience, strength and hope with  others.

Schenck fought the disease with dignity to the very end of her journey, in July 2016. Beyond Words continues her legacy of generosity. Proceeds will benefit the Community Health Network Foundation and the Christamore House Becky Schenck Early Childhood Education  Center.

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