Four Athletics Exceeds Kickstarter Goal


Four Athletics is proud to announce that it has raised more than $27,000, and counting, very early in its popular Kickstarter  campaign.

“We are both excited and humbled that we achieved our funding goal in just over two days,” said Cody Thompson, Four Athletics co-founder. “This quick success is not possible without our supporters and we thank every one of our early backers for their incredible support. This serves as a strong validation that we’re solving a problem by offering premium activewear with our industry-changing business  model.”

Utilizing a revolutionary crowdsourced business model to cut out the middle man and eliminate waste, Four Athletics is able to provide USA-made, top quality, high performance apparel at true wholesale prices that are 40-50% below  retail.

In traditional retail, designers try to predict trends two or three seasons out and this leads to overproduction, waste, and higher prices. Inefficiencies, excess stock, and retail markup contribute to pricing that is often five-times more than the production  cost.

With its crowdsourced model, Four Athletics is able to line up supply and demand with exactly what consumers want 100% of the time. This eliminates waste, and provides products at true wholesale prices, directly to the consumer. This model allows Four Athletics to work backwards, starting with the demand for a product and only producing the exact quantity that’s  wanted.

We let our customers vote for (or “back”) the product they like most. If enough people back it, the product will go into production. If there isn’t enough demand, no one gets charged and the item doesn’t get made,” said Ben Magnone, Four Athletics co-founder. “The consumer decides what we  make.”

It’s a low-risk model for the consumer and manufacturer that allows Four Athletics to eliminate retail markup and provide unparalleled value and  quality.

Four Athletics offers men’s and women’s styles using the best materials available – delivering comfort, performance and unsurpassed  durability.

Four Athletics’ Four  Pillars:
1. Crowdsourced: You decide what we make! Crowdsourcing allows us to match up supply and demand 100% of the time. We only make what you want.
2. Wholesale Pricing: A better business model allows us to sell these premium products at a fraction of the retail price!
3. Made in the USA Quality and Durability: All products are proudly made in the USA – that will never change.
4. Community – Cutting out the middle man gives us an unprecedented opportunity to connect the people who back our products to the people who make them. More transparency, more communication, and all-around more human.
For more information and to pre-order visit Four Athletics’ Kickstarter  campaign

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