Four Easy Ways to Lower Home Energy Costs

By US Daily Review Staff.

Many of us consider ways to reduce our energy costs while we’re at home. However, according to a recent infographic created by ADT Pulse, you might not realize that much of the energy wasting in your home occurs when you’re not there. Even when no one is home, your house can “party on,” wasting money and energy.

ADT’s infographic states that in the last decade, home energy usage has risen by 14% and CO2 emissions by 15%. To get things back on track, 50% of the CO2 reduction needs to come from home energy efficiency.

The good news is that efficient home energy consumption can save a household an average of $2,410 to $3,072 annually and is made easier through home automation tools.

Saving money can be as simple as:

  1. Cutting down on the time your central heating system runs per day
  2. Using ceiling fans instead of central AC units
  3. Replacing incandescent bulbs with 15-watt CFL’s
  4. Putting your computer to bed before heading out

ADT has done the math and compiled ways to help keep an eye on your house and more money in your pocket.

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