Fraternity Partners with Firm to Provide Innovative Way to Fight High College Costs

By US Daily Review Staff. Source:, a free service built by students for students that integrates textbook price comparison shopping with student course schedules, announced today its partnership with the Phi Delta Theta Fraternity. will power Phi Delta Theta’s new virtual bookstore to help its members find the lowest prices on college textbooks.  Through this new partnership, SwoopThat will provide valuable funding supporting the fraternity’s programs and events that service the underlying cardinal principles of the Phi Delta Theta fraternity: friendship, sound learning, and moral rectitude.

By using SwoopThat, Phi Delta Theta students will have the ability to quickly look up the required books for their enrolled courses and see every online retailer selling those books, all in one location.  The result is that students will save up to 75 percent on textbooks in roughly ten minutes.   SwoopThat’s goal is to provide complete price transparency for students – show them every option available for their books, including new, used, rental, and digital versions, and empower students to decide where to buy.

“We are excited to create a virtual bookstore for Phi Delta Theta and to bring affordable textbooks to its members,” said Jonathan Simkin, founder of  “We hope that partnerships such as this will help ease the burden of rising college costs while simultaneously raising money for worthwhile organizations.”

“It is a win-win to be able to bring price transparency for textbooks to our members, making it easier and cheaper for them to get their books while helping to support their fraternity,” said Sean Wagner, Associate Executive Vice President for Phi Delta Theta.

About Phi Delta Theta

Founded at Miami University in Oxford, Ohio on December 26, 1848, Phi Delta Theta International Fraternity has 168 chapters and 103 alumni clubs across the United States and Canada. To date the fraternity has initiated nearly 239,000 men into the society whose founding principles are friendship, sound learning and rectitude.  Considered to be the premiere leadership development fraternity in North America, past Phi Delta Theta members include Lou Gehrig, Neil Armstrong and Frank Lloyd Wright.  For more information, please


SwoopThat is a service built by students for students with one goal in mind: save current students both time and money when purchasing textbooks. Recent findings show the average student spends approximately $900 and several hours per year purchasing textbooks and these costs can represent up to 25 percent of the tuition cost at a four-year public university.

To solve this problem, SwoopThat has built a proprietary course search technology; students select their courses and SwoopThat finds every book they need to buy as well as every online merchant that sells those books. The site’s proprietary algorithms help students identify the cheapest places to buy all their books collectively, rather than one at a time.  SwoopThat has recently opened its software to educational institutions for free in an effort to make school more affordable.

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