Freshman in High School Launches Presidential Bid


High School freshman Phill Ableidinger on Thursday officially launched his campaign for the Democratic Party presidential nomination. In a speech at the Elm Creek park before a crowd estimated to be at least 100 strong, Ableidinger laid out detailed policy proposals, calling for a dramatic expansion of welfare, re-institution of Glass-Steagall and a simplified Immigration process to drastically curve the amount of undocumented immigrants entering the  country.

“The important part of the nation lies within its youth. Caring for them and their future is one of the most important things we can do; we need to listen to these people’s hopes and dreams as THEY are the ones that will inherit this world. I hope to be that voice.” Ableidinger said. “I hope to represent all of my generation and their ideals, even if those ideals are Republican, Socialist or Libertarian. Even though I am running as a Democrat, I recognize that all these theories on how government should work are just different sides of the same coin. We all want to make America better, we just have different thoughts on how to do  so.”

In his remarks, Ableidinger discussed serious issues facing the country, including racism, the economy and foreign policy. “I previously believed that racism was about to be exterminated, kaput, just disappear. But then something happened that opened my eyes; that something was Donald Trump. I watched as he announced his bid as a republican, how he insulted everyone from Mexicans to Muslims AND far from flopping, he’s currently the republican front runner! I’m a first generation immigrant, I mean my parents are Mexican and I can tell all of you that they pledge allegiance to the United States, not Mexico. They think of the United States as home, they are grateful for the opportunity to live here!” Ableidinger also struck down perceptions that Immigrants harm the economy. “I mean, there are studies from good universities, Ivy League even, that say that Immigrants far from having a negative effect on the economy, POSITIVELY increase GDP and job creation. It’s ridiculous to have people spitting out horrible things about immigrants and not even have anything to back themselves  up.”

Ableidinger said his campaign will focus on those and other important issues, not insults or unsubstantiated claims. “I want to focus on something that may seem revolutionary and out of the norm… FACT. BASED. POLITICS. Anything I claim will have evidence, I won’t claim that Global Warming is happening without facts, I won’t claim that there is a gender wage gap without facts, everything I say will be tried and  true.”

After the rally, Phill is on his way to record his first interview with Kare 11. On Friday, he is scheduled to meet with several DFL officials. He has begun building staff in early primary states to help organize what will become a nationwide grassroots  campaign.

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