Week of Sept 26 – Oct 2

Looking at the news out of London each day.


Home Secretary: scrap the Human Rights Act

Theresa May, the Home Secretary, risks an explosive rift inside the Coalition with an explicit call for the scrapping of the Human Rights Act.

The Tories must make clear what they really believe in

If the Conservative leadership really do want an outright election victory, they must start making the case for it now.


Cameron’s scam

78% don’t believe the PM’s promises on immigration


Are you a producer or a predator?

Ed Miliband’s attack on “predator” companies in his conference speech yesterday was among the lighter reactions in the hotel bar last night


Labour conference: Balls unveils five-point growth plan

Ed Balls has unveiled a five-point plan to kick-start Britain’s stalled economy in a speech to Labour’s conference.

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