From Investment Real Estate to Innovative Fitness Company

By John Reinhardt, Special for US Daily Review.

Many parents support their children’s dreams, but are they willing to go into business with them? As a successful real estate developer and investor for over 30 years, the Reinhardt Kettlebell System is proving to be one of my most exciting business ventures yet, because I get to work with my son. In addition to this, I’m able to utilize the business knowledge I’ve gained from other industries to position RKS to become a thriving business. What I’ve learned has transcended many industries and has been the key to my success.

I’ve always spent quality time with my son Doug, former professional baseball player and TV personality, and daughter Casey, owner of Casey’s Cupcakes and TV personality. Over the years, I’ve used my business experience to help guide them in their business endeavors, but until RKS, I’ve never fully collaborated with either of them.  RKS was founded when Doug, who has sustained numerous injuries as an athlete, wanted to develop a workout regimen that everyone could use. He turned to Owen Evans, a certified kettle bell instructor, who introduced him to quick and effective kettle bell routines. Doug was so impressed by his own results; he decided to collaborate with Owen to create a quick effective workout. Together, they developed the Reinhardt Kettlebell System and asked me to be the President of the company.

I knew from using the workout on my own and training with Owen that RKS was effective and would be a very successful company. I immediately joined the RKS team.  Although I knew that I was a complete novice in the fitness world, I plunged into it using the same principles I’ve used to guide me: becoming an expert in my field through extensive research, testing your research and quickly making adjustments based upon it and understanding your value in the market place. It is also very important to develop an effective team that works well together.

In investment real estate, my research included viable locations, in-depth market studies and demographic patterns. In the fitness industry, I’ve focused my research on testing our workout in boot camps. By testing our workout with a diverse group of people, we have proven that excellent results can be achieved through four 30-minute RKS workouts per week. Upon releasing our DVD package to the public, it quickly became a popular topic on leading fitness websites where our products are not sold. When customers had issues with our original kettlebell size, we quickly had new kettlebells produced to meet their needs.  Regardless of the industry, it is necessary to respond to and adapt quickly to the desires of your customers.

When I entered the fitness business, I made several adjustments. I had to get away from the straightforward rules of real estate, embrace creativity and realize that we could make our own rules. I also had to adjust my deadlines since the fitness industry is a bit less formal about this. The fitness business is also very vertical and driven by the Internet so I needed to learn about this and find experts to educate and consult with us about our business structure.

What I value most about my relationship with my children is our open communication, and this is something that I value in business also. We envision the entire RKS as a community that will blossom into a large family that shares their views, opinions and successes on our online platform. We want RKS customers to become a part of our family; one that is connected by an entertaining, enjoyable and effective workout. We want our entire RKS community not only to get into their best shape, but to maintain it, and to have our products support them at every stage of their fitness journey. Together we will help to elevate the physical well being of this country.

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Reinhardt Kettlebell System (RKS) President John Reinhardt is responsible for all aspects of business development and strategy, sales, marketing and production. In addition to helping make RKS a flourishing new business, John is also the CEO and Founder of Reinhardt Investment Group. He has more than 20 years experience in multi-residential and commercial development, with expertise in management and brokerage from pre-land acquisition to the sale and leasing of constructed units. The Reinhardt Group’s specializes in manufactured housing communities. Within the past twelve months alone, they have sold more than $55 million dollars in transactions.

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