From Really Big Coloring Books to Really Big Greeting Cards


Really Big Coloring Books, Inc. (RBCB) now offers Really Big Greeting Cards™ (face of card 16.5” wide x 24.5” tall) in North America, 100% USA made in St. Louis, MO. These giant greeting cards are a great way for you to celebrate parties, birthdays or any family  occasion.

Each Really Big Greeting Card comes with its own envelope. You can purchase an individual giant greeting card for less than $10 to single buyers, or buy the enormous cards in bulk and sell in your store to make a big profit. The giant cards are also used as a fundraising item by schools, groups, clubs and  organizations.

“After having a surgery, I was feeling tired and down. I came home to find the biggest greeting card I had ever seen from my 6 and 9 year old and I was elated. That was the best gift anyone could ever given me to cheer me up,” Jennifer K. Johnson, online  customer.

In addition to RBCB coloring cooks, music products, crayons, books, paper products, graphic design, animation, comic books, the company now offers a Really Big Greeting Card line. RBCB operates several divisions; retail, fundraising, internet, animation, music and creative  development.

Really Big Greeting Cards™ published by Really Big Coloring Books®, Inc. (RBCB), headquartered in St. Louis, MO, is a multi-national company providing quality children’s teaching and learning tools greeting cards, comic or coloring book products for over two decades. Known for their market leading positions, the RBCB family of products are classic, colorful and unique. The company owns more than 1200 coloring book related domain names in several countries and is a trend-setting leader in the coloring book industry. All the RBCB company products are manufactured in the  U.S.A.

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