Fun team building activity ideas

Team building exercises are an excellent way to boost morale around the office, reduce employee stress, and create positive interpersonal relationships among your staff. It’s a good idea to do these activities regularly, but they are more vital now than ever after the country’s lockdown. 

Not only will your employees need to reintegrate to regular time at the office, many of them will need to re-learn how to work with one another outside of a virtual setting. You can speed this process along with these fun and challenging exercises. 

First, A Tip

Remember to keep these activities fun. While there are plenty of goals to each, the ultimate goal is to keep your employees productive and your office culture positive by making them happy. Believe it or not, managers have found themselves in hot water over team building activities after employees sought legal aid, like these wrongful termination attorneys in LA

What’s My Name?

This game goes by a lot of different names, but offices mostly refer to it as “What’s My Name?” Each player is assigned a person’s name, which is displayed on their back or head. Famous people work best, and they can be either dead or alive. You can use post-it notes or index cards. 

After everyone has a name, let your employees get to work helping one another discover the name they were given. Encourage them to treat each employee the same way they would treat the famous person. Employees can also ask questions to help them figure it out. 


Creativity, leadership, and collaboration are the key ingredients of this team building activity. Start by dividing your staff into equal-sized teams. Next, select a food category. Pizza, tacos, and ice cream are popular options, but you can choose anything. 

Teams then pick from ingredients set out on a table and get to work creating a delicious dish. It helps to have a few judges who give each dish a point value, usually out of five or ten, to select the winning team. In the end, though, everyone wins because they get to eat their creations. 

Room Escape

If there’s a room escape business near your office, like Puzzle Break or AdventureRooms, then this is an excellent way to get your team together. Solving these puzzles takes leadership, patience, logic, and a ton of teamwork. 

As your employees race against the clock to solve various puzzles and unravel their clues, they’ll discover that each of them has a unique outlook and something to bring to the table. It’s a challenge, too, as only about 20% of people make it out of the room in time. 

Game Tournament

This activity can be done in a wide variety of ways, but board games usually work best. Pick a single game and buy several copies, allowing your employees to face off against one another tournament-style until a champion emerges. Jenga remains a favorite in offices across the country. 

You can hold your tournament during office hours, having employees select time slots to play in-between their work. The goal is to bring out the competitive nature of your employees, which then translates into their work. You should also select prizes for first, second, and third place to create a larger incentive to win. 

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