Gambling Industry In Australia And How It Affects People


Gambling is growing more popular day by day and there are some figures that suggest it’s starting to get a bit out of control in certain territories. This seems to be the case for Australia since the lack of a clear gambling law leads to the spread of gambling activities all over the  country.

Facts And  Figures

It seems that Australians spend more than 18 million dollars a year on gambling activities. That’s the equivalent of $1500 per person and the amount is way more than it is registered in Canada (393 dollars per person) or USA (325 per person). That’s a huge amount for a country with a small population like Australia. Actually, things got so out of hand that it is estimated that around 80000 to 160000 adults suffer from gambling issues, that’s 1% of all adult population. Another 2.1% claim to have moderate issues when it comes to gambling. It’s a tough situation, however, when you look at the amount of state taxes collected from gambling and see it’s around 10% out of the overall taxes, it all makes  sense.

Electronic Gaming  Machines

Gambling boomed amazingly with the introduction of electronic gaming machines and, along with the development of technology, the online casinos. Even though online gaming is growing rapidly, the electronic gaming machines are accountable for the biggest gambling expense in Australia, over 50% of the total. With over 250000 EGM’s the annual revenue per machine is over 70000 dollars. Out of this total amount, players with gambling issues are responsible for over 40% and that is really alarming. And remember, we’re not talking online casinos with bonuses like Betsafe online casino bonus has to offer. These are real funds out of people’s  pockets.


Social Cost Of Individuals With Gambling  Problems

A recent study shows that the fight against gambling issues costs around 5 billion dollars per year. And if the money expenses were not enough, it also extends to depression, lack of work productivity, job losses, bankruptcy, suicide and crime. Unlike what online live casinos UK has to offer, there is no reliable responsible gaming program in place. And it is also proven that for every person that suffers from gambling issues, there are another 10 persons affected by it. The most common among affected people are the close ones like family, friends, children or  colleagues.

The worst part about individuals with gambling problems is that only a very small percentage actually seek professional help in the form of counseling or treatment services. And if gambling was not enough, most of the people that actually reach out for help turn out to have mental health problems at the same time. As an example, in New South Wales alone, out of all the patients that show up for counseling, 43% also suffered from anxiety and over 30% had alcohol related problems. That’s not all, around 20% had issues with drug consumption. So, it’s safe to assume that gambling problems never come alone and it is a very serious  matter.


So there you have it, unfortunately, the effects of gambling are mostly negative when it comes to the population of Australia. Indeed, there are good parts as well, like increased taxes and a general well-being of that certain state, however, without a good assistance program, things can easily get out of  control.

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