Get Proper Compensation for your Junk Car

It is frustrating to have a car that no longer runs taking up space in your driveway. Some city ordinances even require that you promptly remove the vehicle and threaten tickets or fees. Many people pay a service to tow the car away to avoid problems. The parts on the car, however, are usually worth money. Many automobile owners search for used parts to fix older cars. You can get proper compensation for your junk car if you know where to look for a buyer and how to prepare for the sale.

The Title and Value

Before you try to sell your car, you must be able to prove ownership. Many places refuse sales due to lack of proof. Find the title of your car or get a new copy before you start looking for a buyer. If the car title is in someone else’s name, you need to have it transferred or the original owner must complete the sale.

The value of the car may be higher than you anticipate. You can check the Blue Book value online. Simply enter the make and model of the car, then answer the questions about the condition it is in. You receive an estimate of the amount your car should sell for. This gives you an upper hand when buyers wish to negotiate. You can refuse a sale if the offer is not adequate.

Make it Easy

Towing is an extra expense that often falls to the buyer. If the car is undrivable, a professional must transport it. Do not let anyone drive a car that does not have a current inspection, registration, and insurance coverage. This could result in a ticket or fine. If you have a roadside assistance membership or towing on your car insurance, offer to take car of the delivery for the buyer. This may not cost you anything and can help increase the price people are willing to pay for the vehicle. You should also check for recalls on your vehicle or individual parts from the manufacturer. Order the replacement parts or repair kit before selling the car.

Look for a Buyer

There a several different options for selling your junk car. Check out a site such as Max Cash for Junk Cars for education articles about the subject. You can choose to sell to an individual if someone has a need for the parts or wants to rebuild the car. Junkyards are popular option, as well. Many people buy parts from junkyards that the manufacturer does not sell anymore or simply to save money.

If you need some time to find a buyer for your junk car, move it to a safe place. Most neighborhoods do not allow an unusable car to remain in the street or driveway. Make room in your garage to avoid a tow or ticket enforced by the city. Get your documents organized and check the Blue Book value before you try to sell the car, as well. Buyers will appreciate a complimentary delivery of the vehicle and replacement parts for recalls. Do some research online to find the option for selling your unique car.


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