Getting More Room in Your Luggage

By CREATION CELL design company, Special for  USDR

Taiwanese design company Creation Cell is announcing the Q3 release of its latest innovation, VAGO, a baggage compression device that allows travelers to save up to 50% space in their bags and suitcases. The company is also running a campaign on leading crowdfunding site  Kickstarter.

VAGO works by essentially vacuum packing all the soft items, such as clothes and towels, creating more space for anything extra. All soft items are placed inside a plastic bag, the VAGO is attached and turned on then, thanks to a smart sensor which detects the pressure inside the bag, compression automatically stops when it reaches a  maximum.

Available in white, black, purple and pink models, and at just 70mm long and 85g in weight, VAGO is small, lightweight and easy to carry and charges using the same micro USB cable as a regular  smartphone.

Co-founder and self-confessed travel nerd Jennifer Lee said; “When we go on vacation or travel for business, we face all kinds of problems during the trip. VAGO came up as part of our problem solving process and is a great example of the product innovations we at Creation Cell come up with to suit everybody’s needs in different fields and  scenarios.”

The company’s recently launched Kickstarter campaign has already been featured by leading newspaper USA Today on its list of April 2016’s Coolest Travel Products on Kickstarter. To visit the VAGO campaign page, click here:

VAGO will be available in large retail channels worldwide in the third quarter of  2016.

For more information about VAGO and Creation Cell visit and check out the company’s Facebook page at

About Creation  Cell

Established in Taiwan in 2010, Creation Cell specializes in designing convenient products and gadgets for the tech, travel and lifestyle industries. The company’s innovations are sold in more than 80 countries worldwide and have featured in a number of global media publications including USA  Today.

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