Getting to Know Photo Album 99 – Unique and Beautiful

More and more people are looking at having online photo books printed. Doing so is easy and convenient as well as being affordable. Not just that, since they are digitally printed, they are of incredibly high quality and last a lifetime. There are many different books to choose from, one of which is photo album  99.

What Is Photo Album  99?

Photo album 99 is the only professional quality photo album in the world that is flush mounted and costs just $99. The paper used is Kodak Endura Professional Lustre, which is what professional photographers use as well. Additionally, photo album 99 is expertly mounted and you, as the consumer, can choose whether you want the pages to be thin or  thick.

A thick page is around the width of a penny. Thin pages, meanwhile, are around the width of a dime. Should you choose a theme page, you will be able to have between 10 and 50 spreads, which equates to 20 to 100 sides. If, however, are you up for a thick page, then you will be able to have between 10 and 25 spreads, which equals 20 to 50 sides. It is also possible to add additional pages, in increments of 5. This means that you will have an extra 10 sides for each  increment.

When you open photo album 99, the pages will lay flat. This means that it is the perfect album for a panoramic photograph. The album is available in 8 different sizes, ranging from 5 by 5 inch to 12 by 12 inch. Additionally, there Are 9 different types of covers, all of which are made from genuine Italian leather. Alternatively, you can choose two different types of cotton linen, lustre photo, or canvas photo. Not just that, you can also choose foil stamping and blind embossing if you up for the linen or leather cover. Last but not least, when you order your album, you will receive color corrections for free as  standard.

Design  Tips

When you create your personal photo album, you need to make sure that any content is placed within the so-called safe zone. On the standard album page, there is one eighth of an inch bleed and you must take that into consideration. When you order your album, the online ordering and design process will make this very obvious. Additionally, if you want to create a panoramic spread, you must make sure that the center of the album does not go through any faces or important details. This is because the line between the two pages come up which is where the album fault when it closes, will distort  those.

Do make sure, if at all possible, that your images are in the highest possible resolution. This one I’m sure they look good when they are printed. A full pixel chart should be included on the website of the company that you are ordering from. They will make sure that you can determine your images of print ready. Additionally, they should have a number of templates available so you can choose one that will always look  good.

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