Gift Returns Cost U.S. Retailers $260.5 Billion in 2015

By  My Gift IQ, Special for  USDR

According to the National Retail Federation (NRF) U.S. consumers returned$260.5 billion in merchandise in 2015. One out of every three gift recipients (38%) returned at least one item last holiday season. Retailers are desperate for solutions to the heavy return rate for merchandise. Why can’t consumers get it right the first  time?

Wouldn’t it be nice if your family and friends knew exactly what to get you for birthdays, Valentine’s, Mother’s Day or Christmas? Don’t you hate having to offer gift suggestions when asked, “What do you want for your birthday?” It never fails, this question often comes while you’re driving, preparing dinner or in car pool picking up kids. You can’t think about it right then. There is a new and free website and app that will not only solve this often awkward problem for people, but will have retailers singing its praises, as well. My Gift IQ,, is a simple way for anyone who is shopping for gifts to quickly look at all the favorite things a member loves. My Gift IQ members complete their Profile listing either general things they love, specific items or links to items they  want.

This site makes it even easier with a downloadable plugin/extension. This is really helpful when online shopping. Members can simply click the extension button and the item’s link will be added to their  Profile.

“This is a win-win for everyone,” said founder, Kaysi Darrah. “People will get better gifts and give better gifts. Smarter gifting benefits  everyone.”

Retailers have another reason to love this website; businesses can join and offer great gift ideas from their products on their Profile page. This free promotion is a no-brainer and applies to national or small local businesses. When consumers give the perfect gifts, returns will be diminished and profits will rise. One Mary Kay representative said she would encourage her customers to join and list their favorite Mary Kay products on their Profiles. She knows this will bring additional sales and free promotion to her business. Getting your products on the “favorite gift ideas” Profile of consumers is an advantage in such a competitive retail  market.

My Gift IQ could easily become the standard prerequisite shopping guide used widely by consumers. Once a member’s Profile is initially complete, they will only occasionally update or add new favorite items, but when members need My Gift IQ to shop for others – it’s like, “Whew, thank God for this  site!”

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