Going Farther with Fitness Tracking

By Pacer, Special for USDR

Popular activity tracking app Pacer Pedometer got another major update with feature improvements that let users go beyond just step counting. The latest version includes new full body workouts designed for strength building and fat burning as well as improved outdoor exercise tracking, transforming the app from a simple activity tracker to a holistic mobile fitness  solution.

New At-Home Workouts and Program Recommendation System
Users of Pacer now have access to guided workouts designed for all fitness levels. All of the new workouts can be done at home and with no equipment required. “Our mission is to help our users reach their fitness goals, no matter what kind of physical activity they want to use to get there,” said Pacer’s co-founder Michael Caldwell. “That’s why we’re expanding our offering to include customized workout  programs.”

To help users find their best workout program, the new version of Pacer also comes with a recommendation system. The system matches users to one of 17 possible programs based on their goals, current fitness levels and other behavioral data collected by the app. “This recommendation system is just the first step,” explains Caldwell. “The usage data we collect from this system will allow us to start training our algorithms to build even more effective, individualized programs for every  user.”

Improved GPS-Based  Tracking
For users who want more outdoor activity, Pacer’s GPS-based activity tracking also got a big boost. The app now includes more analytics to help users get the most out of their walking, running or cycling exercises. Added features include the ability to see pace directly color-coded on the map, and a detailed summary of elevation changes when going up or down  hill.

About  Pacer
Pacer Pedometer is the world’s most downloaded daily activity tracking app for iOS and Android. Unlike other apps that require pairing with a wearable device, Pacer runs directly on any smart phone with no need for expensive hardware or extra hassle. Launched in 2012, the app has accumulated over 40 million downloads globally. It currently has a 5-star rating on the iOS App Store and a 4.5-star rating on the Google Play  Store.

The latest version of Pacer is now available for free on both the iOS App Store and Google  Play.


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