Good, But Not Enough

By NACWA, Special for  USDR

The National Association of Clean Water Agencies (NACWA) congratulates Congress for passage of the Water Infrastructure Improvements for the Nation Act (WIIN), and is hopeful for more discussion and action.  The package authorizes nearly $10 billion in federal investment, which they say will help water utilities better manage Stormwater flow—keeping communities safe—and help develop alternative water supplies to deal with persistent drought, ensuring water supplies are  safe.

Specifically, NACWA is pleased that the  package:

  • Reauthorizes the Great Lakes Restoration Initiative, Lake Tahoe Restoration Act, the Delaware River Basin Conservation Program, and Columbia River Basin Restoration Initiative;
  • Provides funding to advance water infrastructure research and the use of innovative water technologies;
  • Disburses critical resources to help communities provide safe drinking water, including grant financing to remove lead service lines; and
  • Provides funding to help communities expand water supply through investments in water recycling and desalination.

“Passage of the WIIN Act demonstrates that investments in clean and safe water resources continue to be a top priority for Congress and is an issue that enjoys broad bi-partisan support,” said Adam Krantz, CEO of NACWA. “The investments that will be made as a result of this legislation will help communities across the country provide safe and clean water to its citizens.  We look forward to building on this progress next Congress, and with the in-coming Administration, as further investment in our water infrastructure will be worked on, and is still  needed.”


Founded in 1970, the National Association of Clean Water Agencies (NACWA) is the nation’s recognized leader in regulatory, legislative and legal advocacy on the full spectrum of clean water issues. NACWA represents public clean water agencies of all sizes nationwide. Our vision is to represent every utility as a NACWA member, helping to build a strong and sustainable clean water  future.

SOURCE National Association of Clean Water  Agencies

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