The Stress List for Holiday Travelers


InsureMyTrip recently announced the results of a holiday travel survey of more than 400 respondents, revealing that 73 percent of travelers are most worried about becoming unexpectedly ill or injured during their trip, while 56 percent are most concerned about flight delays or cancellations. These reasons are also the driving factors when purchasing travel insurance. Meanwhile, almost ninety percent do not list safety or terrorism as a concern when traveling.

“This survey shows travelers are most stressed out about the unexpected. Especially with flu and cold season underway, it’s not surprising that most are concerned about health issues during their trip,” says InsureMyTrip CEO Jim Grace. “But we did notice travelers appear to be more confident when traveling, with little worry about terrorism or other safety threats while traveling to their holiday destination. In fact, only 11 percent list safety as one of the reasons to buy travel insurance.”

Respondents were asked to check off all the reasons why they would choose to purchase travel insurance during the holidays. Seventy-three percent give health concerns as their top reason while noting other concerns in descending order of importance:

73 % Concern about unexpected illness or injury
56 % Concern about flight delays or cancellations
45 %  Concern about needing medical evacuation
40 %  Worried about health of a loved one
26 %  Concern about weather or natural disasters
11 %  Concern over terrorism or safety threats

About InsureMyTrip:
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