Herbalife’s Product Enrichual Contains A Familiar Ingredient

Herbalife Nutrition is known for promoting new and innovative products that utilize the power of botanicals. As a leader in the nutrition and wellness industry, the company offers a diverse portfolio, and botanicals are significant ingredients in many of their products

For example, they use high-quality soy in their popular protein shakes, tea leaves in their tea concentrates and supplements, andaloe in their skincare products.

Their latest plant-based skincare line is called Enrichual, featuring hemp oil as the key ingredient.Using hemp cannabinoids in a product marks Herbalife’s entry into a whole new category and market.Enrichualis currently available in the United States and the line currently includes a facial serum and moisturizing balm.

Hemp as an Ingredient: A Controversial Green

Through Enrichual, Herbalife has officially branched into the CBD market, releasing two skincare products containing hemp cannabinoids, among other botanical ingredients. Suppliers of hemp-based products have distributed their products throughout the United States for several different uses, and the demand for hemp has grown exponentially over the past decade. Herbalife stresses that Enrichual is different. As well as maintaining their brand standard when it comes to sourcing and processing the ingredients in their serums and lotions, they are going the extra mile to ensure that each batch of the hemp-based product is effective, safe, and high quality.

Part of the controversy regarding hemp and CBD lie in the misunderstanding about the psychoactive effects. The hemp used in Enrichual, like all hemp, comes from cannabis plants – the same type of plant from which the flowers and leaves used in medical and recreational marijuana blends come. Hemp has been used for thousands of years for practical uses and has nothing to do with the ingredients that provide the “high” associated with cannabis. Hemp fibers are strong and versatile and have been used to make rope, paper, fabric, and even building material. The seeds can be consumed and provide vitamins and minerals to the body. Hemp oil is becoming widely popular as its benefits are becoming known. With all these clear links to hemp’s usefulness, it is no wonder so many existing skincare and wellness companies are branching into the cannabis industry.

Still, consumers are sometimes wary of hemp-based products, significantly because cannabis has been associated almost exclusively with intoxicating effects for the past century. This means overcoming the stigma associated with using cannabis-derived products, including non-hallucinogenic hemp.




The Difference Between Hemp & Cannabis

Hemp is one of many by-products from a strain of cannabis known as Sativa. Cannabis, a term most people are familiar with, encompasses recreational marijuana and hemp products because they both come from the same plant. Like so many other species in the plant kingdom, however, not all plant parts are made the same. Rhubarb stalks, for instance, are widely used in pies throughout Europe and the USA. The leaves of the rhubarb plant, however, are incredibly toxic to humans. Why? Because the leaves contain Oxalic acid, which is poisonous to humans when consumed in large quantities, whereas the stalks contain minimal oxalic acid.

The same goes for Cannabis sativa, though it is not deadly toxic like Rhubarb leaves. The plant is so versatile that every part of it can be used for something. Each piece of the hemp plant has its distinct properties, referred to as “cannabinoids.” Those who use recreational marijuana or cannabis-based tinctures are familiar with the cannabinoids CBD and THC. CBD does not have hallucinogenic effects and is used in ointments, creams, and tinctures designed to help people relax. THC, on the other hand, causes the “high” associated with marijuana use. Hemp products contain CBD cannabinoids, which provide hemp’s healing properties without THC’s hallucinogenic impacts.

Hemp and CBD products are safe for those who do not want to become intoxicated or impacted by THC cannabinoids. For this reason, Herbalife included isolated hemp ingredients, including hemp oil, in its newest line of skincare.

Purported Benefits Of Hemp Oil

Using hemp in skincare and health products is not a fad. People worldwide have utilized cannabis for their ailments and health benefits – including the flowers, leaves, and fibrous stalks. The earliest known usage of the plant for medicinal purposes was in 2737 in China, by its emperor. Since then, the cannabinoids in hemp were used by Christopher Columbus, colonial Americans, and even Queen Victoria. The oil, specifically, is what Herbalife uses in its Enrichual products.

On its own, hemp is a beneficial ingredient and does not provide any of the same side effects as other parts of the cannabis plant. When used in food, its nutritional richness provides many noted health benefits to the body. Applied to the skin, it nourishes the skin and helps hydrate it, keeping it healthy and increasing youthfulness. In general, hemp oil is known to provide the following benefits when used correctly.

  • Skin texture improvement. The nutrient-rich oil provides moisturizing and anti-inflammatory properties to the skin, which has been useful in treating a range of skin ailments, including:

  • Eczema
  • Acne
  • Dermatitis
  • Psoriasis
  • Lichen planus

  • Brain health. Hemp oil is rich with healthy fatty acids, like the kinds you might find in brain-healthy foods like nuts and fish.

  • Heart Health. The healthy oils and vitamins found in hemp may regulate your body’s vital systems, promoting heart health. Hemp also contains antioxidants, which are essential for the removal of free radicals throughout the body.

  • Anti-Inflammatory Benefits. The Omega-3 and Omega-6 fatty acids in hemp products might help with inflammation. Although research into the exact anti-inflammatory benefits is ongoing, hemp-based products have been shown to provide some topical and internal anti-inflammation.

  • Muscle Tension Relief. When used topically, such as in the Enrichual balm, hemp oil may relieve muscle pain.

Its studied benefits to the skin were why Herbalife Nutrition decided to branch out to include it in their Enrichualtopical products. While scientists are still investigating the full benefits of hemp and CBD, initial results look promising.

Why Enter the Hemp & Cannabinoid Market?

The market for hemp-related products, including topical ointments, lotions, and oils, is expected to exceed $12.4 billion in the next five years. But what led to an increase in sales of hemp products?

Hemp was once mostly used by natural health enthusiasts. However, the rapid scale on which legalized cannabis usage is now happening around the United States and other western countries has led to increased consumer awareness about the cannabis plant. Recreational users of the plant now have greater access to information about the plant itself, and sellers have been faced with a surplus of plant parts that cannot be used for recreational purposes. Because the plant is so versatile, the opportunity to utilize all plant components has made many cannabis growers widely successful.

Hemp plants are a low-cost crop for farmers. Although the plants do take some special water and sunlight consideration, it is also a relatively low maintenance crop. The low price and extreme versatility of the plant have led to a surge in cannabis growth. This has made the market a little more competitive for growers starting in the industry, but it has ensured hemp’s place in the health and wellness community for the foreseeable future.

About Enrichual

Enter Herbalife’s position in the hemp industry.

Herbalife Nutrition loves incorporating fresh superfoods, botanicals, and high-quality ingredients into their nutritional products. Being in the industry for four decades, the company has built a robust network of trusted farmers and suppliers, and Herbalife no doubt sources their hemp extracts and oils with the same standards of quality.

The Enrichual line lives up to Herbalife’s commitment to the health and vitality of the human body. Skin is the largest organ of the human body, and too often, people forget to take care of their skin. Moisturization is a crucial way to keep bacteria out of the bloodstream, which can enter through cuts and cracks caused by dry skin. Hemp oil is an effective moisturizing component, which benefits the overall health of the skin.

There also is no denying that moisturized skin keeps skin looking young, youthful, and pleasant. When used on the face, hemp oil may help reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles and support firm, plump, healthy-looking skin.

Herbalife’s line of Hemp-based products includes their Hemp Relief Balm and Hemp Facial Serum.

Herbalife’s Hemp Relief Balm is made with 1000 milligrams of cannabinoids per jar. This product is great for relaxing and unwinding, especially after a workout. In addition to the naturally soothing properties of hemp oil itself, the relief balm also includes menthol and camphor to soothe the skin. Combine that with the moisturization properties of plant-based oils and the aromatherapeutic properties of lavender, eucalyptus, frankincense, and geranium, the balm is useful for several different things.

Customers may use this versatile balm for muscle relief or general moisturization on hands, elbows, or knees, or the back of the neck.


Herbalife’s Hemp Facial Serum is formulated with 250 milligrams of broad-spectrum hemp cannabinoids per bottle and works to moisturize the skin of the face and fight against age-related skin issues. The serum is gentle on the skin and contains a squalene base, argan, and hemp-seed oil for hydration and moisture retention. It also includes vitamins C and E as protective antioxidants to help enrich your skin. Similarly, bakuchiol minimizes the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles on the skin.

What Makes Enrichual Different?

With so many different hemp-based products on the market, why is Enrichual different? The answer has a lot to do with just how many hemp products are on the market. More does not mean better, and far too often, less reputable brands cut corners to reduce the cost to compete with an oversaturated market.

There are close to 4,000 different hemp brands in the United States alone, and even more unregulated sellers of hemp-based products. Many Americans know (or know of) someone who grows cannabis, uses it recreationally or creates cannabis-based tinctures. But without product and batch testing, there is no way for consumers to understand whether the batch they bought will be effective for them. When looking for a hemp product to support, consumers should always turn to a company’s history with product testing and federal regulations. Additionally, they should look for transparency within the company’s message and labeling. Unfortunately, too many CBD and hemp product suppliers do not offer these services.

Why all the fuss about the regulations? Regulations are what ensure products contain all the beneficial products they claim to contain. Many of the hemp products on the market are made without cannabinoids, which means that when consumers purchase those products, they miss out on the benefits written on the label. One of the first things a consumer can do when looking for a new hemp product is to look for a defined amount of CBD, such as the 250 milligrams of broad-spectrum CBD contained in the Enrichual Hemp Facial Serum. Without this label, there is no guarantee the consumer will receive the benefits of CBD.

Consumers should also remember that not all cannabinoids are created equally, and some less-reputable brands might include THC in their products. THC applied topically will not make the consumer high. However, it does mean the batch might have been made with less care, impacting the product’s overall quality and efficacy. Look for hemp products that engage in third-party testing of their products to ensure no detectable levels of THC is included. Additionally, you should always use skincare products that have gone through dermatologist testing for safety.

Finally, consumers need to find a company that is transparent about the ingredients they include in their products. Herbalife’s Enrichual line goes above and beyond by providing a QR code on their bottles that links to the third-party test results for every batch. That way, consumers can be sure about what they are putting on their skin.

For more information on the Enrichual line from Herbalife, please visit their brand page.

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