Hillary Clinton Has High Hopes for Iowa Straw Poll

By  America’s Term Limits Campaign, Special for  USDR

Full page ads have been appearing in multiple Iowanewspapers announcing the online Iowa Straw Poll  2015.

  • Press conference set in early January to announce  results.

Republicans and Democrats alike are talking about  www.IowaStrawPoll2015.com.

www.IowaStrawPoll2015.com allows for all registered voters in Iowa to vote for President and Congressional term  limits.

Support for congressional term limits is polling over 80% even though Iowa’s governor is not  term-limited.

America’s Term Limits Campaign president, and IowaStrawPoll2015.com sponsor, Max Linn, is experienced with radio, TV and newspaper and promises to give a great i nterview.

Check out  www.TermLimitsCampaign.orgwww.IowaStrawPoll2015.comhttps://Fb.com/termlimitcampaign

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