Hillary Clinton – The Mitt Romney of 2016

By Michelle Seiler-Tucker Special for USDR

Since becoming the first lady of the United States in 1993, Hillary Clinton has lived an illustrious life that most Americans will never get the benefit of experiencing. Although revered by many for her outstanding resume, New York’s first female U.S. Senator and former Secretary of State has recently suffered a disconnect with voters.

Hillary is often considered to be out of touch to the working class American. Many view her as an elitist, contrary to her husband who was adored by the public due to his convincing “Everyday American” manner. Fifty-five percent of voters believe that Hillary is experienced and qualified enough to handle the presidency. However, like Mitt Romney, the public isn’t convinced they can trust her. More voters have doubts about her trustworthiness than those who believe she is honest and will work for the common man.

President Obama effectively demonized Mitt Romney as an out of touch elitist in bed with big business. Obama pointed to the fact that Romney had a four-car garage with an elevator, which didn’t sit well with a country in a financial crisis. The same problems seem to be bogging Clinton’s ratings as well. With an estimated fortune of over $100,000,000 and a $200,000-speaking fee, Hillary is beginning to seem more like a reflection of her opposing party than the solution.

The average American income is $51,017, and after Clinton’s term was over, it was reported that Hillary and Bill had purchased two homes for $5 million and signed an $8 million book deal. This is a problem, not because of her wealth but her quotes pertaining to it. Despite amassing an over $100 million fortune, Hillary Clinton recently stated that she and Bill are unlike the “truly well off.”

Obama’s attacks on Romney in 2012 paid off because he was able to convince the voters that he actually “cares about the people,” despite the fact that voters preferred Romney’s visions, values, and leadership over the current president’s. Hillary Clinton faces a similar scenario. In my award winning and bestselling book, Sell Your Business For More Than It’s Worth, I emphasize the importance of creating a brand that will connect with the majority of society. In Hillary’s case, her brand may be a little too lofty for the average Joe.

In January of this year during a speech, Clinton boasted about having the privilege of being chauffeured to any and all events for 18 years. It goes without saying that private jets and drivers connect with less than the 1% of Americans who can afford a lifestyle comparable to Hillary’s. In an era where gaining wealth is deemed as an insidious act by the ruthless, a Hillary Clinton nomination for president would be truly problematic for the Democratic Party. The foundation of the democratic platform is the undermining disputes on income inequality.

While many Americans already assume Hillary Clinton will be the party’s nominee and our next president, we have learned from past elections that a connection with voters is key. Democrats argue that Clinton’s personal wealth will have little to no standing next to her extended career in public service, expanded health care coverage and job creation. The fact still remains that Hillary is no Bill Clinton, but could she be a spitting-image of Mitt Romney?

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