HONOR Magicbook 14 With High Cost-effectiveness

We can find HONOR MagicBook 14 for sale in UK now. The HONOR is far ahead in performance for laptops of the same price. From configuration to improvement of connection with smart phones, this lightweight laptop costs as little as about 550 pounds. And many people prefer to buy it.

HONOR magicbook 14 looks a bit light and luxurious. The 14-inch screen and light blue HONOR logo are very beautiful. People regard it as one of the laptops with the best appearance at the same price.

These configurations will not compete with flagship laptop. But its configuration makes it surpass other laptops at the same price. In terms of performance, it is close to a higher level laptop.

The core of the laptop is AMD Ryzen 5 3500U. This core can handle all the daily tasks of the portable laptop. And it can open many tabs for web browsing, music player, work efficiency and office software. There is no choice in RAM or storage, 8GB of RAM and 256GB of SSD storage. 8GB of memory helps improve performance.

The biggest selling point is audio effects. Four Dolby-Atmos speakers, which is the best sound effect that notebook computers at this price can get. Both high frequency and low frequency have rich and clear contents. The power key is equipped with a fingerprint reader for Windows Hello biometric security system.

For a laptop that costs 549.99 pounds in the UK, magicbook 14 is worth it.

Let’s talk about MagicLink here. This is a series of connection tools on laptops of Huawei, including Honor series laptops. They work with smart phones to transfer files (including media files such as pictures, videos and music). It can transfer these files in two directions and share clipboards between the two devices.

One of the biggest advantages is multi-screen collaboration. When the mobile phone and laptop are connected via NFC, magicbook will display the mobile phone screen. You can use the mouse and keyboard to interact with it. And you can control your smart phone through your laptop. The only problem is that this phone is not open to any Android smartphone. You need a newer HONOR or HUAWEI phone.

Let’s put MagicLink aside for the time being. This is a great function, but not everyone will use it. How does magicbook 14 compete with other laptops? I have to say, in terms of configuration, it is one of the strongest in its price range. AMD Ryzen5 4500U with 8GB RAM is worth it.

Not everyone needs every ounce of power from a laptop for high-end applications. What many people need is a laptop, which can easily cover basic needs. It can handle specific applications that make any computer a personal computer. And it has sufficient functions without becoming obsolete soon.

In short, magicbook 14 has high cost-effectiveness, complete functions and beautiful design. It is suitable for daily work, study and life.

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