How Can you Buy Prohormones Legally? Everything You Need to Know About Buying Them!


Prohormones still fall into a grey area. While the many anabolic steroids and FDA has banned testosterone supplements, no one knows for sure which prohormones are legal. According to the FDA standards, any prohormone supplement containing 1-DHEA or Hydroxy Progestin is legal as long as they do not have any testosterone contaminants. That is what you should be looking for while buying your next prohormone  supplement.

Buying online is a better choice than local fitness  stores

You may find prohormones at your local sports stores. You will likely not find prohormones at big sports chains which carry other whey protein or casein supplements. Since they dwell in a grey zone, these renowned stores will not even keep the ones that FDA has given a clean chit. You are more likely to find them at your local nutrition stores. You may have a tough time identifying their components due to lack of proper declaration and you can even end up with a supplement that contains parts of banned  substances.

It makes the dedicated prohormone sellers a much better choice for all buyers. Any prohormone site is a much safer bet compared to your local store since they usually declare all the components of the supplements they are selling. It is wise to consult their ratings, reviews, and blogs before you make a  purchase.

Legal challenges of international purchase and  shipping

You will notice the lack of prohormone sites in Canada and Australia. However, the citizens of these countries can always buy prohormones from websites with other country domains. It can lead to another potential problem – contradictions of international shipping laws. Some nations have stringent regulations when it comes to shipping prohormones from other countries. You need to check with your customs laws before you make a bulk purchase. You may even consider pharmaceutical tourism if you stay near an international  border.

What kinds of prohormones should you check  out?

Always check the type of prohormone before buying. Online websites make it a lot easier for all kinds of buyers of all ages. You should choose between the  following –

  • Cutting prohormones: These are for those who cannot lose the last 5 pounds of fat, no matter which circuit they try. These help you in achieving the lean, muscular look you have always cherished.
  • Bulking prohormones:Some people can find it rather hard to gain mass irrespective of necessary diet changes. These bulking prohormones will help you to increase muscle mass rather fast, without accumulating fat.
  • Prohormone stacks:These are excellent for beginner bodybuilders or pro athletes. They are the complete package you will ever need for cutting down or bulking up in record time. These are indeed the closest to real anabolic steroids you will find in the safe zone.
  • Post cycle:when you get off any prohormone cycle, your testosterone levels tend to be low. All body metabolisms dependent on testosterone levels suffer, including libido and appetite. Post Cycle Therapy or PCT helps to prevent the general mood swings, lack of sex drive and accumulation of body fat by providing your body with countering post cycle prohormones.

Prohormones are a great way to bulk up or cut down for a lean, mean and muscular body as long as you are doing it in control and under strict  supervision.

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