How Do Solar Panels Work? A Simple Explanation

To most people, solar panels might as well be magical devices that manage to transform sunlight into usable electricity. However, if you’re wondering, “how do solar panels work,” the answer is simple.

The best way to understand it is to think of power constantly active in the solar panels. The sunlight is used to push it in the right direction — towards your eco-friendly home!

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Sunlight Hits the Solar Panel, Creating an Electric Field

The first step in generating electricity in a solar panel is simple — it needs sunlight. Light needs to hit the panels with enough strength for them to register in the technology. So, it’s important to place your solar panels in a place where they’ll be exposed to as much sunlight as possible.

Most modern solar panels are built to make the most out of cloudy days, though. As long as your solar panels are not hidden by a tree or another building, they should be able to generate electricity.

Photovoltaic Cells Absorb Sunlight, Knocking Loose Electrons

The part of the solar panel which creates electricity is the photovoltaic cell. Sunlight hits a semiconductor in the cell, which then absorbs the photons. The photons are used to knock elections loose, which are then used to generate the electricity used in average appliances.

There is already electricity in the solar cells. The role of the panels is to absorb sunlight so that it frees up the energy in it and allows you to use it.

Electricity Flows Through Wiring to a Breaker Box

After the electron is knocked loose from your solar panel’s semiconductor, it travels through a wire and into your home. Most of the time, it is transformed from DC to AC electricity so that it can power buildings. It is then sent to a breaker box in your home, transferred to different outlets where devices are plugged in.

There are tons of wires involved in all these transfers and transmissions. If even one of them is damaged, your home could lose power and you may not be able to use electricity. If that happens, it’s best to contact a professional:

Professionals May Install a Battery to Store Energy in

If you contact a professional to install your solar panels, they may also offer to install a battery so you can store the electricity they generate. It’s best to go with whatever they recommend since they know how to make the most out of solar panels.

Most will also feature different services on their website. For example, you can look through “” to see what kinds of services they usually do.

How Do Solar Panels Work? It’s Simple

If you’re wondering how do solar panels work, the answer is simple. Electricity isn’t just pulled out of thin air, and light isn’t transformed into electrons. Instead, the light is used to knock electrons loose and send them careening through your home.

It creates an electrical current that powers devices. The only difference is that this power is clean and efficient; it produces less waste compared to traditional power sources. And to learn more about the benefits of solar panels, just keep reading our website!

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