How does SEO help in Building an Online Reputation of your Brand?

If you are an entrepreneur or someone who wants to make your presence online, you would want to avoid being in the second or third page of Google search. Your brand and your business need continuous monitoring and improvising simultaneously. This process is called online reputation management or ORM.

It is a transparent method of reputation. You can access a company’s reputation through consumer’s reviews. Most of your reviews are being viewed online in several platforms of social media. When you have a good reputation, you bring in more opportunity for consumers to invest money in your business, which in return will bring in more business revenue.

ORM could be related to either a brand, name of a person, place, or a thing and make your presence online. Gaining the first top ten positions is not the only factor for the consumers to decide whether to buy your product or not.

To the consumers, reviews matters a lot. It is not only about giving reviews of your brand but also about how you take and handle reviews from people.

Factors affecting your Online Reputation and in what way you can manage your online reputation?

In this modern world of internet to make your presence online, or a brand, or an identity, you need to have a good reputation. Your online presence may be viewed by various potential customers, competitor, and your people before giving a thought of whether money should be invested or not.

Where can you find information about your online reputation?

The most common area wherein you can find check your reputations are

Google Search Result – Let us have a basic overview of search criteria to judge, evaluate, or audit your online reputation. You can search for your specific business, people such as your company’s CEO or managing director, or your product through Google. Enter the appropriate keyword, and later on, you need to check out their Google listings. Once the page is displayed, you need to check out if the searchable criteria fall under the first five listings. These listings are done through SEO. If it is proper to search, it appears on top of the Google search page.

Note that if the links are relevant than it is a positive link. Remember a simple typo could also bring in your company down, which would mean your customer might not find you in the initial pages of Google search list.

It would be helpful if you can consult or hire someone professional who would establish your presence. You can also check in Google for “My business listing,” which is an important aspect. Through this, you need to check out if your account exists and if not, you will need to create one. Also, you will have to check out the accuracy of the information provided. For example, if you have provided contact details, then it should be an updated one. You don’t want to lose your potential customers who are trying to reach you through the contact provided on your website.

Social Media – The most popular network in this internet world is social media, wherein you can evaluate yourself. Through this, you can check for the following factors such as;

Check out for the number of followers you have either in Facebook, LinkedIn, twitter. You can check for the number of likes, share, a retweet of your brands.

Posts – Check out the number or frequency of your posts or when was the first time you posted something. Also, note that whatever you post on social media will reflect your brand and your company. So, you need to be thoughtful on posting something as it has to align with your brand.

Comments – Do you respond to the queries and comments that come to you?

Messages – How do you respond to the messages?

People’s comments on social media – You need to check out if people are searching for your brand name, hashtag, location. If they are talking about you or your business? You also need to check if it a positive or a negative comment, which is very important. If it is negative, you can always improvise yourself.

As you will have several business competitors, there are numerable chances of even getting negative comments. You will need to be very careful in responding, and your approach to such comments should be made politely. All these comments too will be read by several other potential customers of yours.

In case you are in trouble, you need to check out if people on social media are defending you or not. This is how you will get an idea of your connection with your customers.

Reviews – Let us understand the third criteria. Reviews might be a bit complicated to understand as people have their own choice. Based on their taste, you can expect to get either positive or negative reviews. But note that 50% of your online reputation is being made by reviews only.

Firstly, you need to visit all the review sites. You need to take into consideration mostly Google reviews. Try to find out if there are any reviews of your brand. Or how many stars or ratings your brand holds. Do you respond to your reviews such as for positive review you can always send a thank you message and for negative reviews you can check out the reasons? Once you get the response, you can either sit or work out together, or you may provide reasons for failing to do so.

You can check out the same in Facebook, Angel’s list, Yelp, Trustpilot. Check out if your team has any strategy to respond to reviews and at the same time if they are responding to the reviews.

Most commonly viewed reviews check out in Glassdoor wherein you can get an idea of the inside environment of your company. Feedback – Always positively take feedback.

If required, you can take help from several SEO services which are readily available to improvise your brand. Note that an online reputation can either make or break your brand instantly.

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