How Has the Current Global Climate Impacted Online Spending

COVID-19’s impact on the global eCommerce scenery is one of the defining moments of the year, with implications that’ll last well into the decade. The global shopping environment is swiftly evolving with people avoiding social contact to curb the spread of the virus. And governments too have placed restrictions on the number of people allowed to congregate in public places.

The eCommerce industry has seen a rapidly evolving trend in shopping behaviour where people are taking their requirements online, from bulk purchases to retail shopping. Thus, creating an opportune moment for wholesalers and retailers to take their business online. If you’d like to jump on the bandwagon before it’s too late, get in touch with digital marketing experts at Revpanda.

Is Online Shopping Safe During COVID-19?

As the extent of the virus’s contamination becomes apparent with every passing day, people are concerned about the possibility of transmitting the disease through contaminated parcels. Experts claim the coronavirus can survive on objects and surfaces somewhere between three hours and three days depending on the material.

Therefore, it’s unlikely the virus will survive on your products from the time of packaging until delivery. For safe measures, buyers are advised to keep their products in quarantine for up to three days to minimize the chances of infection. The risk of infection is further down with the global shipping slowdown, and it’s unlikely you’ll be infected by the parcel itself!

The World Health Organization also issued a clarification on the topic saying that it’s safe to receive packages from areas with reported cases of COVID-19. The risk of catching the infection from parcels that were moved and exposed to multiple temperatures and conditions is low to negligible.

Generational Shopping Trend Amidst COVID-19

The trend in online shopping isn’t uniform among the different age groups. And the differences are stark with the younger generations bearing the brunt of the pandemic. According to individual studies, 96% of millennials have reduced expenses, cutting down on spending, while stocking up on items perceived as important. The older generations are slightly less concerned about the impact of COVID-19 on the economy and are continuing with their shopping habits.

The differences aren’t solely based on generations but also on the genders. Women are more concerned about the impact of the pandemic while men have altered their shopping habits. The study also found men inclined towards online shopping as opposed to women, who prefer the in-store experience.

The trend is universal among the different online entertainment platforms too, iGaming being the most prominent. The demand for alternate entertainment pushed online gambling revenue through the roof while physical casinos suffered from the lockdown. The pattern is still evolving although businesses are getting back on their feet.

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