How High School Students Are Choosing College Choices in 2020

College is on the mind of every high school senior as an exciting and novel experience. However, it’s not always clear which college is the right fit. For 2020, let us take a very close look at how high school students are choosing the right college for them. 


To start things off, the size of a college is a major factor. There are merits to all sizes. Small colleges lead to tightly knit communities where everyone is familiar with one another. You’ll see the same people in your classes, and it’s very easy to make friends here. Getting around campus is no issue because it is so small. On the other hand, large colleges often feature more classes and more resources that you can turn to. If you can handle being a small fish in a big pond, large colleges really have a lot to offer. Just keep in mind that you might need a bike to make it from one end to another. Medium sized colleges form a nice balance between the two. The bottom line is, students are looking for a community where they feel welcome and wanted. Some even prefer a college that mimics the size of their high school.


The location of a college is also very important. Some students prefer a college that is close to home so they can visit their parents on the weekend. It also might be logistically easier to transport all your belongings to this place. A college that is further away leads to a bigger adventure, especially during your first year. You might not know anybody at the school and will have to restart your friend circle from scratch. If you grew up in a sunny climate, the cold and snow could be an exciting challenge for you. Many students view college as a place to try something new, so distant universities are tempting. At the same time, there’s nothing quite like remaining loyal to your hometown.

Academic major

Academics are at the heart of any college. If you are set on a specific academic major, you’ll want to find a college that matches your interest. Certain programs are more successful and larger than others. Students are thinking about what resources are available to them and whether the choice of college is a limiting factor. In particular, professors and courses in your major will form the basis of your next four years. In addition to a primary major, many students pursue a secondary major or a minor. They are constantly thinking about joint programs and how they can satisfy all of their requirements. It’s always important to plan out a curriculum for all of their undergraduate years, and an enticing program can easily convince a motivated student to attend the school.


Last but not least, students are thinking about scholarships when deciding upon a college. The biggest scholarships simply cannot be turned down. Some universities offer full scholarships for multiple semesters, which take an incredible burden off the student’s wallet. They won’t have to worry about student debt or other economical issues. Smaller scholarships shouldn’t be overlooked either as thousands of dollars to a college can be extremely helpful in the long run. For students who are concerned about finances, scholarships can seriously be deciding factors in their choice.


This year, when all is said and done, high school students are choosing college choices in a smart manner. Students who are accepted to many universities have one of the most impactful decisions of their life in front of them. Weigh a couple of key factors and make a confident choice!

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